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Warmahordes: Battlegroups of Legend – Twin Terror

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Dec 2 2015


Legion has a set of twins that can cause all kinds of havoc for your opponent. Behold this mighty Battlegroup:

Rhyas is a monster in melee with crit decap and reach weaponmaster.  Saeryn is a decent spellcaster and her weapon has dispel. Combine the 2 and most casters will be lucky to live through the sheer stack of fury these girls possess.  Today I want to talk about Rhyas delivery.  A lot of people think you can have a Scythean walk up and eat Rhyas before you feat.  This is actually not true since non-nephilim Legion beasts have a rule preventing them from attacking their casters.  I think the easiest way around this is just to slam a model into Rhyas and have a couple troopers finish her off.

Once you do that deliver Saeryn up the board and feat.  Rhyas now can carve away your opponent.


Let’s look at a 35 point list for the twins.

  • Twins
  • Zuriel He gets both affinities so almost an auto include.
  • Naga Nightlurker  This lets you ignore annoying defensive buffs like arcane shield.
  • Seraph This gives you 2” extra threat range with the animus.
  • Shredder Because Tenacity!
  • 10 Hexhunters Stealthy and decent infantry clearing.
  • Spawning Vessel


What do you think of the Rhyas delivery?  Have you been on the wrong side of a critical decapitation?  Please share your comments below.


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