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X-Wing: Imperial Veterans Expanion Revealed

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Dec 15 2015


FFG just unveiled a new expansion sure to embolden Imperial Pilots everywhere! This should shake up the game:


Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack $29.95

“Maximize the impact of your TIE bombers and TIE defenders with the Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack for X-Wing™! Two new TIE miniatures come with alternate paint schemes – one gray TIE bomber with the Gamma Squadron’s signature white stripe and one TIE defender with the bold red paint scheme shared by Countess Ryad and the Glaive Squadron. Additionally, eight veteran pilots and thirteen upgrades dramatically expand your ships’ capabilities and versatility while a new mission, Disable the Relays, highlights many of their new tricks and tactics!”

The kit includes two alternative paint scheme minis, a grey with white striped TIE-Bomber and a very sharp looking red TIE-Defender.

More importantly, the two ships come with a big set of new cards and title cards to open up new options and playstyles. Lets take each of these in turn:

TIE Defender


An Imperial Guard TIE Defender I would suppose…



A new “gunboat” variant…


A stripped down “dogfighter” variant. (note the card cost)

TIE Bomber


I do like the racing stripes.


Hmm, pilot skill slots on cheap tough ships!


There is also a TIE Shuttle [title] Card up there. It says:

“TIE Bomber Only, Title, 0 Points

Your Upgrade Bar loses Torpedo, Missile, Bomb slots and gains 2 Passenger slots. You may not equip any passenger who costs more than 4 points.”

Upgrade Cards


Look at the upper contents image to see if you can figure out what the Tractor Beam token does.


Now this will certainly make standoff bombers more viable in the game. Intriguing!

Again we see FFG tweaking existing ships with title cards to keep everything in balance.  It looks like they are continuing the pattern of trying to improve munitions and bombers, and breathe new live into the rarely seen TIE-Bomber, while providing some down-costed versions of the deadly if pricy TIE Defender.

~ As an Imperial pilot I’m looking forward to this one!


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