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GW: New BLOOD BOWL Sculpts & Alpha Legion!

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Jan 2 2016


Yes, you read that right – Games Workshop is showing off some NEW Blood Bowl Sculpts at the Warhammer Weekender!

via Battlebunnies 1-2-2016

Blood Bowl Human 1

Blood Bowl Human 2


Blood Bowl Orc 1

Blood Bowl Orc 2

So we have two new Blood Bowl models – an Orc and a Human. I wonder what that flyer is behind them? New box art perhaps? Either way it looks like these may be out for “next season” – not sure if that means next Holiday Season, Spring, Summer, Valentines day, Sports Season or what. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Alpha Legion Headhunters

Alpha Legion 1

Alpha Legion 2

Alpha Legion 3

Soooooo Much cool stuff this weekend – but if anyone’s head explodes, I’m blaming these new Alpha Legion Headhunters!

For more pics check out Battlebunnies!

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