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Tabletop Spotlight: Last Will

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Jan 7 2016

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The Tabletop Spotlight is on Last Will from Czech Games Edition – It’s Brewster’s Millions set in the Victorian Era!

When our friends over at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy told us about Last Will I was a little skeptical at first. But when Michael read the description to me it finally clicked – Finally a board game that would allow me to unleash my inner Richard PryorBrewster’s Millions style! This game is all about blowing all your money as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can inherit MORE. I don’t know why crazy uncles always throw clauses like that into their will but what are you gonna do about it? Check it out:

Each game only takes about an hour to play and it’s great for all ages (+12). So if you’re looking for a fun family game for 2-5 players this is a great pick-up. How fast will YOU go Bankrupt – to become RICH!

via Czech Games Edition

Last Will

Last Will Box

In Victorian England, the profits of the Industrial Revolution have given rise to a wealthy upper class of English ladies and gentlemen. Sadly, you are not among them. But you do have a rich uncle, recently departed, who decided on his death bed to leave all his money to the relative who will enjoy it the most. To find out who that is, you and your cousins will each be given a substantial sum of money. Whoever can spend it the fastest will inherit all your uncle’s wealth.

Last Will Rules 1


Last Will is a race to bankruptcy. In each round, you choose a plan for the day, which determines how many options you will have available and how much time you will have for them. If you don’t give yourself enough options, you might find yourself with nothing left to do after attending the theatre. If you don’t set aside enough time, you might have to forgo dinner prepared by London’s most famous chef or a carriage ride with a charming guest.

Last Will Rules 2

And don’t neglect your property investments. Or rather, do neglect them: Once your properties depreciate, you can sell them for a pittance, bringing you that much closer to bankruptcy. The upper class lifestyle provides you many opportunities to spend your uncle’s money. Just be sure to spend it fast. A luxurious life of fabulous wealth is within your grasp. With your uncle’s Last Will, bankruptcy leads to riches!

If you’d like to give the rules a quick glance you can check those out for free from Czech Games Edition. There is also a ton more art work and info in the rules packet so if you’re on the fence give those a shot. Enjoy!


I’m gonna play this game while Richard Pryor stand-up is playing in the background…


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