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40K: Ork Grukk Datasheet SPOTTED!

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Feb 16 2016


Grukk Face-Rippa is BACK – Come see what this Ork Warboss is bringing to the Tabletop!

via Scanner 2-16-2016

Grukk 1

For the points he is in line with most warboss builds. Too bad he’s not on a bike…

Grukk 2 rules

Grukk is certainly no slouch in close combat. His Warlord Trait is basically a free boss pole for all friendly ork units within 12″ – and you don’t have to knock any heads to do it. He’s not a bad unique warboss to have in your back pocket. Plus it looks like we might get a formation of him with his Nobz as well.

Grukk's Boss Mob3

Grukk's Boss Mob2



And the Orks are getting a new “Start Collecting! Orks” Box set:


It’s almost like Games Workshop is trying to get new players into Orks with these releases…


What do you think of Grukk Face-Rippa? If you like him let us know why in the comments below. If you don’t He will just set his attack squig on you – but let us know anyways!


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