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40K: Teaser SPOTTED! Who’s Next: Deathwatch or Iron Hands?

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Feb 15 2016


The White Dwarf Teaser for next week has already been spotted – But who could it be referring to this time?

This one is as vague as it is interesting! Who could be on the way…


via Scanner 2-15-2016


Going through the list of factions this hits on a few “maybe” options. But lets go through the list of things that this doesn’t fit:

  • Tyranids
  • Orks
  • Eldar
  • Dark Eldar
  • Tau
  • Knight Houses
  • Ad Mech
  • Astra Militarum
  • Chaos Daemons
  • Most Marine Chapters

None of those have (traditionally) had a black and silver theme.

The Maybe List:

  • Necrons
  • Sisters of Battle
  • Assassins
  • Chaos Space Marines
  • Specific Space Marine Chapters/Off-shoots (Iron Hands, Ravenguard, Ravenwing, Deathwatch)

Necrons are a low probability based on color schemes. They DO have a lot of silver and they do have black. But they also have a typically have a third color (green):


Sisters have a lot of black and they have silver weapons, but they typically have a red highlight color and gold or bronze accents as well:


Assassins are mostly black and have very little silver. Most of the time it’s a bone/white color:

Assassins 4 pose

Chaos Space Marines do have a lot of black. The Iron Warriors or Black Legion are strong contenders but they also feature heavy use of other colors:


Iron_Warrior_Heresy_Armour 200px-BlackLegionMarine

That leaves the Space Marine. Ravenguard are typically black and white, the Ravenwing are stark black and if they other colors those are typically red or green with white to contrast:



That leaves us the Iron Hands and Deathwatch:



There are good reasons it could be either one of those. But if we go back to the rumors we had:

Previously a source who spoke to BoLS on condition of anonymity, said:

  • Opposition force for the Deathwatch in the Boardgame is Tyranids.
  • Look for Genestealers, Warriors, Lictors.
  • There is a “box only” Lictor Character.
  • As with Betrayal at Calth – these are standard 40K models fully usable outside the boardgame.
  • There is chatter of potential Deathwatch op-for xenos expansions for the boardgame (Orks, etc…)

Recall that the earlier set of info on the boxed game was:

  • Look for the Deathwatch to arrive in the Grimdark in 2016.
  • They will make their initial appearance in a boxed boardgame like Execution Force / Betrayal at Calth.
  • The Deathwatch models are based around a new Deathwatch upgrade sprue.
  • The sprue will contain items such the distinctive shoulderpads, and specialist equipment and weapons of the Deathwatch.
  • The Deathwatch sprue will be bundled atop the Sternguard base kit in the boardgame.
  • The game will allow for you to equip your Killteam’s weapons and equipment in a variety of ways with rules to support them all.
  • As with Betrayal at Calth – these are standard 40K models fully usable outside the boardgame.
  • There will be an opposing force the Deathwatch is pitted against with their own models in the box.

The rumors to point very strongly to a Deathwatch release and this new teaser is the right time frame. If this pans out that should put a pre-release/release right around the 1st week of March.

Then again all we know for sure is that something from Games Workshop that is “black and silver…” is on the way! Your guess is as good as any – so what do you think? Is Deathwatch on the way? Maybe it’s Iron Hands? What if it’s just a ruse and it’s more Age of Sigmar…


What’s black and silver and coming out soon?



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