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GW Tomb King Miniatures: Going, Going, Almost Gone…

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Feb 13 2016

GW is phasing out a HUGE swath of ex-Tomb Kings miniatures that have been permanently discontinued – so if you want them HURRY!


GW’s website now has a “Last Chance to Buy” section.  As Age of Sigmar is slowly but surely replacing the old Warhammer Fantasy line, it is inevitable that certain miniatures would be left out in the cold.  Some may have been finecast which GW looks to distancing itself from more each day, some may have been killed in the Old World and have no future in the 9 Realms,  Some may have simply been unpopular disasters (I’m looking at you Razorgor!)

We saw a handful of Chaos minis that were discontinued last month, but GW has just put 25 Ex Tomb-Kings minis on the chopping block – including some quite beautiful ones…


In any case here is the latest listing of minis who’s time has come.  If you want any of these, I would act fast before they fade into the mists of history. I’ve called out some of the standouts in bold text!

Tomb Kings Batallion $125

Bone Giant $57.75




Casket of Souls $56

Sepulchral Stalkers $54.50

Necropolis Knights $54.50


Khemrian Warsphinx $53.75


Necrosphinx $53.75


Ushabti with Great Bows $52

Carrion $52

Ushabti with Great Weapons $52

Tomb Guard $41.25

Tomb Heralds $40

Settra the Imperishable $40

Screaming Skull Catapult $40


Skeleton Chariots $35

Skeleton Warriors $35

Skeleton Horsemen $35

Tomb Scorpion $24.75

Prince Apophas $19.25


High Queen Khalida $16

Tomb King with Great Weapon $16

Liche Priest $16

Necrotect $16


Tomb King with Sword and Shield $15

Basically this is the end of the entire Tomb Kings range for GW.  Sure there were a bunch of terrible ancient minis that needed to go like the Screaming Catapult and Skeleton Horsemen, but when things like the impressive and admired Necrosphinx is discontinued, you know the range is dead – no pun intended.

Get them while you can – before they only exist on ebay and in your memories…


Any bets for who is next on the chopping block?

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