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More Sweet Miniatures You Need To Know – REVIEW

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Feb 27 2016


Today I want to talk about Anvil Industries and some amazing miniature based products that you should definitely know about.


Anvil Industries – Unity Council Figures


I want to show off some of their Unity Council Figures. If you’re into Star Wars these guys are like the Empire; they rule through fear and act like a bunch of meanies. However, they have really cool models and there’s huge variety in their lineup.

The first unit I want to showoff is the Unity Council Guard. They’re dudes on a 28mm slotta base. The model itself is well sculpted and Anvil uses good quality resin that holds the cast well. The models in this unit carry a big machine gun and a have a neat looking pack. They come in squads of six. Each one is a different pose. That fact is a key because it’s not like the old Games Workshop days where it had 2 of one pose and 3 of another. This kit comes is about $16.00 which is a pretty good deal.


Next up we have Crane Heavy Infantry. You’ve seen these before in Austin’s Afrika Corps themed Astra Militarum army. These units go together pretty quickly. They come in three parts and squad of five will set you back roughly $3.00 each. These are also sculpted really well the casts are are crisp. This particular model has a sweet ammo feed belt and has a great action pose; the models in this unit are more of the heavy-duty infantry with their reloading backpacks.



Up next, I’m going to show you their version of marines, these guys come three to a pack, a little more expensive at about 10 dollars each, however, they’re very well sculpted for the price. They come in a two-part sprue and you can really see how varied the poses. They’re sculpted an exo-suit and carbines. They have some really cool tactical helmets with the night vision like attachments on their helmets. They have all the tactical bits and pieces added on and one of these guys look like he’s calling in an air strike.


Size wise, they’re right about the size of a space marine scout. If you put it on a 25mm base it’ll look a bit small but if you put it on a 32mm base it probably wouldn’t stack up as well.


Now I want to show you the C48 Warden Automous mech. You could use these models for a lot of things. The model comes with some different head options. Further, most of the stuff in their bigger kits come with extra bits to put on your base which is a great addition.


Compared to a Space Marine this mech is definitely taller than a Space Marine, it’s closer to a terminator in height but not quite as thick as one.



Next, the Spectre’s are the scouts of the faction and they’re covered in these carbon fiber like bit. These guys come in a pack of 4 for 10Lbs and you could substitute them in for a lot different units in 40k.


Finally, I’m going to show you one of their support weapons. The weapon system sits onto of a set of tank tracks and it comes with some tripod bits to look like an emplacement; it also comes with a 40mm base some extra missile bits. You could use these for a lot of things like objectives or substitute them for a number Forge World. There are other turret and track systems for the other factions but we’ll get to them next time.


Anvil Industries operates out of Europe but I’ve been happy with very happy with their customer service and their speedy delivery.


Checkout Anvil Industries



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