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Rise of the Wulfen – 1st Turn Charges: Round 2

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Feb 5 2016



Come see ANOTHER crazy combo that will get the Wulfen into assault with the enemy even faster than before!

It’s time to take a closer look at some rules you should know about  before you step up to the tabletop or store register with the new Wulfen models.

I was already sold on the new Wulfen personally, as their two wounds and robust equipment options really give them some serious damage potential and staying power in game. 

But today we’re coming in hot with another tactics article about some other ways to get the Wulfen models into combat, possibly on the first turn.


Meet the Wulfen’s new ride!

While the Wulfen are bulky, they can still fit inside a Land Raider in a group of five or eight if it is a Crusader.  Splash in the Rapid Maneuver Warlord trait the Dark Angels have, and you now you have a rolling fortress that can let these guys assault up to nearly 40 inches away.


Problem is, Sammael the Master of the Ravenwing that comes with Rapid Maneuver can not fit into a Land Raider.

There is however a better alternative to Sammael:

azreal-dark angels

Lord Azrael the Supreme Commander of the Dark Angels can not only fit into a Land Raider, as he’s in power armor, but he also gets to PICK his warlord trait out of his codex.

Rules of Note:

Rapid Maneuver: This Dark Angel Warlord trait gives him and his unit +3″ run and charge moves.

Bounding Lope:  This unit can run and charge in the same turn. It also rerolls failed charge rolls.

So once again theoretically this squad can move 12″ in the movement phase, (Land Raider 6, and then deployment) run an extra three inches for their run (thanks to Azrael), and charge 2d6 +3 inches (Azrael) for a average threat range of 29″. That distance is the same as if comboed with Thunderwolves or Sammael from the tactics article the other day, and is probably more legal-ish.




“The Catch” 

Depending on how you interpret the wording of Bounding Lope and how it confers to ‘the unit’ (whether it is Wulfen or Wulfen plus Independent Character) the ability to run and charge may not confer to any IC’s that joined the squad.


Now we have the English version of the rules for Bounding Lope, and for a lot of folks it’s not 100% clear when you read the definition page 9 of the BRB, just what a “unit” really is. Keep in mind too that since ‘Bounding Lope” is not a USR it seemingly does not have to state whether it does or does not confer to anything, it is quite literally it’s own rule and functions as stated.

Either way whatever the ruling is on this,  it should probably also apply to Death Frenzy as well.

My gut says Bounding Lope should only affect the Wulfen themselves to be quite honest because of the shenanigans you can do with with a ruling like this.

Worst Case Isn’t Bad…

That being said here’s how this combo would work with no running and charging because Azrael conceivably turns off Bounding Lope (but still conferring his +3 to charge moves):

Land Raider Movement 6″ Deploy 6″, run 4″, charge 2d6 plus 3″ (Azrael) equals an average threat range of 26″ and maximum of 31″.


Plus Azrael gives the wolves a 4+ Invulnerable as well, that can be further modified by things like The Grey Knight’s Sanctuary.

In Closing

Remember the Curse of the Wolfen Campaign book does have Dark Angels and Grey Knights in it- maybe they are attempting to test these Wulfen for Heresy, or just allying with them while the fight is on.

However later may be a different story….

So overall looks like the new Wulfen are not only hard to kill and good in combat, but they can now be super fast when paired with the right units/ transports as well. Be sure to checkout the Land Raider Formations from the Dark Angels and Space Marine books as well!

It may have even just gotten a lot harder for the Eldar to escape the wrath of the Imperium with this new release!

How will you equip YOUR Wulfen?

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