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EXCLUSIVE: Warmachine: NEW Convergence Colossal Sprues Teased!

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Mar 02



Come get a first look at the upcoming ALL PLASTIC Convergence Colossal.  The new pair of colossals are looking very, very nice!

Our good friends over at Privateer wanted you all to see these.  They say the kit has excellent fit & finish and goes together like a charm.  I love the tiny screw and gear details come across so crisp and clearly in plastic.  It is just the right vibe for Convergence.

Prime-Axiom-Conflux-1 Prime-Axiom-Conflux-2 Prime-Axiom-Conflux-3 Prime-Axiom-Conflux-4 Prime-Axiom-Conflux-5 Prime-Axiom-Conflux-6 Prime-Axiom-Conflux-7 Prime-Axiom-Conflux-8 Prime-Axiom-Conflux-9



Behold the assembled Prime Conflux!



Behold the Axiom Prime (in plastic)


There is no word on pricing for this model, but I’m sure Privateer Press will be coming along soon enough with that man much much more.  Note that the all plastic Cryx Sepulcher came in at a CHEAPER price point than the previous resin and metal version.


~What do you all think?

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