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GW Schedule: The Next 3 Months

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Mar 1 2016


We’ve been piecing together all the pieces to see what the next 90 days will hold.  Here we go!


Rumors collated together from a variety of sources:

There have been a lot of rumormongers out there chiming in of late.  Here is the best schedule we have weaving it all together:



Death, Skaven repacks (AoS)

Stormcast Eternals release “Significant” in size (AoS)

Chaos (Khorne) Releases (AoS)




Destruction Release Window, 3 weeks (AoS)

Roughly analogous to the Fyreslayer window with “big monster, an infantry unit, a cavalry unit, and several clampack characters. Plus the obvious book of course.” Oruks only releases.



“HH range should kick off in the spring. April-May time. As you already know the Calth stuff will kickstart the range, with boxes labelled for 30k and 40k.
The plastic Mechanicum stuff was intended to work over as part of the core Heresy too.”

Age of Sigmar Releases Roundup

So overall, we have had about a month of 40K and back GW is headed into the Age of Sigmar.  Some people say they are committed to ramming it into the retail channel – “damn the torpedoes full speed ahead” – style. Others points to GW’s very long product schedule and note that they are simply proceeding with the transition plan from WFB 8th to Age of Sigmar.  What we are seeing is simply the lengthy and workmanlike process of reworking every old range, some with simple repacks (Skaven), some with new kits (Fyreslayers), and others consigned to history (Tomb Kings).

It may be that we are simply seeing some Age of Sigmar tidying up before the spring charge into plastic Horus Heresy!

~What do you think is going on with Age of Sigmar 9 months on… 


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