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Age of Sigmar: Three New Orruk Books Inbound

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Apr 19 2016

Orc Boyz

The Greenskins are back with 3 new books on the way – Come see the latest on the Orruks!

via Scanner

Grand Alliance Destruction

Grand Alliance: Destruction – $16.50

IronJawz Battletome

IronJawz Battletome Info

Battletome IronJawz – $33

Fury of Gork

Fury of Gork info

Realmgate Wars: Fury of Gork – $24

IronJawz Warclan


The new warscrolls were also spotted earlier – go check out the previous round-up for those pics.

Overall, these price points aren’t too shabby. The books sizes are also interesting. Grand Alliance: Destruction is 112 pages, Battletome: IronJawz is 128 pages and Realmgate Wars: Fury of Gork is 208 pages (I think, it’s a little hard to read).

What I’m curious about is the contents of each book. There isn’t a ton of info to go off of based on the blurbs. From the looks of things Destruction will have all of the old units and IronJawz will have a lot of the newer units. Fury of Gork will probably have all the news back story for the IronJawz as well as some new scenarios pushing the story forward. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

For even more pics and to join the discussion check out the lounge thread below:

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Gork and Mork are on the way…And they have some friends they’d like you to meet.


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