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Editorial: Why Adeptus Titanicus Will ROCK!

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May 18 2016



warlord-walpaper-e1431815624827I like the Horus Heresy – but you are going to be ADDICTED to EPIC when it comes back.  Here’s why:

I will make an admission, I have been a fan of EPIC for 20 years.  From way back in the 90s I had a really hard time not getting lost in battles that looked like this:



But it was 1991, and the sculpting & casting technology wasn’t anything like what we had today.  Up close EPIC models looked like this:

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 3.13.32 PM

pic from I Paint, Therefore I Am

Yup, not the greatest… BUT, fast forward 25 years and technology has come a long way.  You can look at the 10mm Dropzone commander models to see what is now possible at small scales.



When word came back from Warhammer Fest of Adeptus Titanicus returning at 8MM, I knew GW had a winner on thier hands.  Old EPIC was 6mm, which did give you a grand sense of scale on your 6×4 tables. Just look at that top battle image!  But, it also severly limited the type of detail you can get into the minis.  What a new EPIC needs is twofold.

  • It has to be larger to make the models more visually appealing (and a bit more expensive).
  • It has to be small enough to preserve EPIC’s grand scale.  It’s huge mega battles we are after, so it can’t be anywhere close to the current 40K range.

Major competitors in the field are Flames of War at 15MM, and Dropzone Commander at 10MM.

8MM seems just about perfect.  You get to beef up the size of the old epic minis by 33%, while still preserving the large sense of scale EPIC should produce.  Modern manufacturing and 3d sculpting should be able to get tons of detail onto small kits of this size.  A 8mm game’s visual scale to get your head around would be equivalent to playing 40K on a table 24×16 feet.

But enough of me talking.  We’ve gotten so excited about 8MM EPIC we had to work up some mockups to show you exactly what you could expect to get your mind around what models at that scale would look like:


A Reaver titan clocking in at about 4″.  The big guy himself, the mighty Warlord Titan would be almost the exact size as a 40K Imperial Knight.



Speaking of Imperial Knights, these guys in 8MM would clock in a little under 2″ – roughly the size of a Marine Centurion.  Plenty of room for detail!


The mighty Land Raider. Clocking in at a bit under 2″, these are the perfect size to paint up in those dreaded Land Raider Companies that tear across the battlefields of the Heresy.


Dont forget aircraft.  In EPIC Aircraft finally will have space to maneuver and rapidly get from troublespot to troublespot on the battlefield.  I would love to be painting up 3-5 aircraft squadrons at this scale.


Like Contemptor Talons? Here’s one that fits in the palm of your hand.

I almost forgot the best part.  Adeptus Titanicus is set in the Horus Heresy, so think of all those crazy Forge World kits and armies scaled down. Spartans, Proteus Land Raiders, jetbikes.  One day maybe even Primarchs and Ad-Mech!


I’m in – it can’t come soon enough!. Andy Hoare, don’t let us down!

Author: Larry Vela
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