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GW Launching “Armageddon Style” Global Campaign

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May 9 2016



GW rust held one of their big “Managers Meeting” this weekend, and word is tricking out of a big campaign this summer.  Here’s the info:


Spikey Bits reports the following:

Several anonymous sources report that there will be a new worldwide  “Armageddon Style” Campaign coming this summer for Age of Sigmar. Here’s the latest:

“There will be a worldwide campaign this summer (like the 2000’s Armageddon) that will impact the AoS story.”


what_is_Tank_Shock2 horz

Retailers globally have already received marketing material for the 40K “Tank Shock” summer organized play event. At GAMA earlier this year it was reported that GW representatives talked of BOTH a 40K and an Age of Sigmar organized play events coming this year.  It would appear that 40K is getting the simpler of the two and Age of Sigmar is getting the big fancy global campaign.



Ahh, the GW Website – circa 2000.


Who was around back then and remembers?

If you all recall the 2000 Armageddon Global Campaign had maps, zone, a custom website and all kinds of organized play fun during the summer.  I would imagine Age of Sigmar’s 8-Realms can provide just as much variety and strategic objectives.  I would assume the General’s Handbook should be out by then to support such play.


generals handbook


~I wonder what the 8-Realms stakes will be for this one?  



Author: Larry Vela
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