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Kickstarter: Trays, Terrain, and Board Games

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May 14 2016
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Come check out these Kickstarters seeking your money and attention.

My last few Kickstarter highlights were all about miniatures and new skirmish games, but this week I’m changing things up by adding some board games to the mix. That isn’t to say that I don’t have anything for you wargamers out there though, as I’m also highlighting some terrain, tournament trays, and a sci-fi rule set for you 6mm-15mm mass combat fans. Before I get to all that however, I’d like to remind everyone that the campaigns for Mythos, the Dark Souls board game, and Blood and Plunder are all down to their final days, so make sure you pledge soon if those Kickstarters interest you.

Cavern Tavern by Final Frontier Games


Cavern Tavern is a worker placement board game for 1-5 players that puts you in the shoes of a lowly peon at an underground tavern. Each turn players will assign their dice (workers) to one of 21 locations to get jobs or items to help complete their current tasks. You’ll need to complete chores, prepare orders, keep your customers happy, and avoid the ire of your harsh dwarven boss. For $44 you can grab a copy of the game when its ready early next year. This campaign ends on the 20th.

Hold the Line: The American Revolution by Worthington Publishing


Worthington Publishing is partnering with The Plastic Soldier Company to create a new version of Hold the Line, an American Revolution board game from several years back. This new version features rules updates and new scenarios, plus 200 20mm plastic miniatures. The base game will allow you to relive 18 battles from the American Revolution on your tabletop, plus 13 more if the relevant stretch goals are hit. You can get the base game for $79, with free shipping to the US and Europe. Higher level pledges allow you to get the French and Indian War expansion and even bundles containing other games by Worthington Publishing. This campaign ends on the 16th.

Polyversal by Collins Epic Wargames


Polyversal is a new miniatures game rulebook designed for 6mm-15mm near-future sci-fi mass combat. Highlights of the game include a one roll resolution system using three types of polyhedral dice and modular unit tiles used to build your battlegroups and keep track of stats. Collins has no intention to make unique miniatures for the game, having instead partnered with several companies that make miniatures suitable for the game already. This means that you are actively encouraged to use whatever miniatures you want or already own, with the freedom to make custom units based on an extensive set of charts. For just $45 you can get the rulebook, PDF, and all the tokens and dice required to play right away. If you don’t have any miniatures suitable for Polyversal yet, or merely want to expand your collection, you can grab army bundles for $75 and up. The campaign has nearly a full month left and ends June 9th.

Table Top Terrain and Trays by Mini Duels



Mini Duels is a gaming store in Florida that has been to Kickstarter twice in the past to help fund their expansion into laser-cut terrain and tournament trays. Now they’ve returned to Kickstarter again with their current products to raise money to buy more equipment to expand their production capabilities. They have a wide range of tournament trays in many shapes and sizes for popular games like X-Wing, Armada, Guild Ball, Warmachine, Warhammer, and Infinity. There’s a few modern/near-future terrain pieces available as well that would be great for Infinity. The campaign goes on until the 21st.

This War of Mine: The Board Game by Awaken Realms


Finally, the wildly successful indie survival video game This War of Mine is getting the board game treatment from Awaken Realms. This story-driven co-op board game for up to 6 players places a heavy emphasis on tough choices and consequences as players take on the role of a band of civilians trying to survive in a warzone. Over the course of the game you’ll need to scavenge, trade, or steal resources to improve your crumbling shelter and ensure that everyone remains as fit and healthy as possible. A copy of the game costs around $72, with higher pledges offering various extras like artbooks, collectables, and a copy of the original PC game. This campaign just started and continues until May 31st.

Which of these Kickstarters are you interested in?    


Author: Frank Streva
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