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Warhammer Fest 2016: Blood Bowl Sighting

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May 14 2016


Blood Bowl Fans – Get in here and check out the latest pics from Warhammer Fest 2016! *Update: MORE PICS*

via Mr Mystery 5-14-2016

Click to Enlarge!

Blood Bowl Warhammer Fest 1

Blood Bowl Pitch Warhammer Fest 1

Blood Bowl Tracker 1

Blood Bowl Human Team 1

Dwarf Blood Bowl Warhammer Fest 1

That Pitch is looking SWEET! I can’t wait to take to the field and get Bloody in this new box of Blood Bowl!



UPDATE: More Pics!

via Mr Mystery

Blood Bowl Dwarf Lineman

Blood Bowl Pitch 2

Blood Bowl template1

Human Pitch Warhammer Fest1



More Pics and Info in the Lounge Thread Below:

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Da’ Red Ones Go FASTA!

Author: Adam Harrison
  • Outside the Box 05-13-16