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Warmachine V3 – Dynamically Rebalancing the Game

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May 11 2016


Privateer Press has a new policy to keep V3 Edition of Warmachien and Hordes balanced continually.  Here’s the details:

via Privateer Press:

The following text is listed at the start of the the new PRIME and PRIMAL rulebooks:

It is our goal to provide you the best, most entertaining experience possible when playing a game of WARMACHINE or HORDES. To best achieve this goal, we may update model entries and rules to maintain balance in the game as it continues to evolve and grow. We will publish any such updates online semiannually at Additionally, these changes will automatically be applied in War Room, the digital companion app for WARMACHINE and HORDES, ensuring users will always have the most up-to- date cards and rules information on their digital devices.

In addition to the downloadable reference documents and War Room updates, annually we will release a physical update pack containing updated versions of the cards that were affected by the previous year’s adjustments. Models that have been updated in this way will be listed on our website at In order to make card versions easily identifiable, each stat card contains the year and version number and is marked with a color specific to that year. This will enable players in an official event setting to quickly and easily confirm the cards they are using are the most current versions by cross-referencing them with the stat card version sheet found at the front of the errata document.

We highly recommend that you visit this site regularly to ensure you are using the current version of a model’s rules and enjoying the best possible WARMACHINE and HORDES experience.


So, Privateer will update their errata semi-annually, and automatically update all digital products such as WarRoom to keep the game in balance. There will be a website listing all the changes, with downloadable stat cards for the updated models.  Finally each year they will put out a cardpack of all models that were updated in the last year.


Someone is taking the balance of their game very seriously.

~Pretty good approach and a solid balance between the needs of the digital and the paper based players out there.

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