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AoS: More Sylvaneth Models Spotted

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Jun 28 2016


The Sylvaneth Tree-Revenants and Kurnoth Hunters have been seen – but they aren’t alone…

Yesterday we saw Alarielle and the boxes for the new Sylvaneth models. Turns out there are even more things plan! The Kurnoth Hunters and The Tree-Reavants are going to be dual-kits for even more options in game.

via Cyahega (Warhammer-Forum)


Tree-Revenants 1

Tree-Revenants 2

Tree-Revenants price


Spite-Revenants 1

Spite-Revenants 2


Spite-Revenants price

Kurnoth Hunters

Kurnoth Hunters 1

Kurnoth Hunters 2

Kurnoth Hunters 3

Kurnoth Hunters 4


The Tree-Revenants are dual-kits with the Spite-Revenants, that one is pretty obvious. The Kurnoth Hunters however look to have a primary build of the bows with some Melee options reserved for a “Huntmaster” version – it’s a little unclear if that is a “chararcter/leader” upgrade for the unit or if the Huntmasters are just a melee version of the Kurnoth Hunters.


These new units look great! Yesterday, I was already sold on getting some of these new kits and now I’m seriously trying to plan out a Sylvaneth army! Good thing those army comp rules were spotted earlier as well.


The Sylvaneth have business with Nurgle tonight, with rock and stone!

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