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AoS: The Fey Queen Strikes

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Jun 6 2016

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Alarielle, the Goddess of Life is back with some fancy new art – Come see the latest of the Fey Sylvaneth!

via imgur

Alarielle Art

This is a really impressive piece of art. I really hope we start to see some new models from this range soon! We’ve got elements we’ve seen before in other art so lets break some of this down.

That Spear looks very similar to Orion’s Hunting Spear:


We’ve also got a handful of some new units spotted in the previous art from Warhammer Fest:

Alarielle Beetle Rider


The Beetle is back as well as the Tree-folk.

fey Sylvaneth

We also have these new Fey Sylvaneth forces spotted in the background too. It wouldn’t be complete with out someone wielding a bow as well. Based on the size in the pictures is hard to tell if those are Dryads or something new (or old if you still have memories of Treekin models). I guess we’ll have to be patient for these new Woodland forces to show up…


That Beetle is awesome. Here come the Fey!

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