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Forgeworld: Releases the (Digital) Kraken – Taghmata REVIEW

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Jun 01



This is a moment in history, Forge World has released their first digital codex. Come see how good the digital edition really is!

Sure I’ll admit I was skeptical at first because I don’t like the Digital Versions; I prefer the ePub. However, I wanted to give this a try because hey, books are heavy.



Right off the bat what I love about this is that this version is true to the book format. Checkout the layout:




It’s 50 bucks for the enhanced version, but I’ve noticed they’ve been updating the iBooks, for free with the sames titles, sooooo hopefully if they update this book (like they did with the Legions red book) I won’t have to shell out another 50 bucks.

I really like the pop-ups as well. I also really love all the instant access to previous rules buried in other books.



Looking at a formation and you want to know what the restrictions are? Boom. Restrictions.




Do I think they’ll do all six Horus Heresy books like this? Probably not. But I do think they’re going to do all the red reference books because I don’t think it takes away from the Horus Hersey narrative feel, or the sales of the big black books either.

You’ll notice that playing 30k is basically learning an entirely new ruleset with all the special rules and new weapons, this enhanced version makes it easy, not sure what a weapon does? Boom, there it is.



So far, every rule I’ve clicked on is in here. You don’t need the 40k rule book OR the HH Black Books. It’s all here; it’s all inclusive.

If you’re going to play Mechanicum and need the rules on the fly, I can’t think of anything better book to buy.

It comes with Titan rules, the core missions, the entire wargear section, and some great reference cards you can screen shot and print out. For 50 bucks this is a good buy even if you don’t play Mechanicum or only play them as allies.



Keep in mind, there are only 11 pages of fluff, not the tome of pages the big books have so I don’t think this is going to split their target audience.


Fancy a copy? The iBook can be found here

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