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Convergence: Syntherion Resculpt & V3

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Jul 21 2016



The Forge Master Syntherion is REFORGED and is ready to take the field with his new resculpt in the new edition!

Forge Master Sytherion received a rescuplt and is looking svelte. Today we wanted to take a look at what the forge master has cooking in the new edition of warmachine / hordes released in June!

Stats and Special Rules:

Sytherion is relatively low defense at 13. Meaning you should keep him relatively safe from big guns as he is easy to hit. His armor is more forgving at a rocking ARM18! Not much to worry from POW10 ranged weapons.
He is sporting a range 11 POW11 gun but, he probably can’t hit a side of a barn with that RAT5.

As with all Convergence casters he gives his battlegroup something. In Syntherion’s case it is the field marshall ability of Auto Repair. This is a really strong ability since it can happen before you hand out focus. So a model who’s node is knocked out can be repaired and then still be allocated 3 full focus. Or if your arm is wrecked you can put a box in and now you are pumping out full power swings again. This is great also to shrug off any small arms fire that might have scratched the paint.

Syntherion is also Resourceful. He doesn’t have to pay for upkeeps on his battlegroup.



Syntherion is a jack caster at heart, or whatever Convergence have under those metal chests. His spells help out his battlegroup and can really swing the tide.


Convection: Is a medium range offensive spell at POW12 that will give a focus to a CoC jack if it kills a living model.
Hot Shot: Same as Captain Barts. All of the jacks ranged attack damage roles are boosted.
Magnetic Hold: Is a offensive upkeep debuff that -2 Spd/Def from a model/unit. It also let’s constructs receive a +2 Spd if they charged the debuff target.
Reconstruct: Is a upkeep on a jack that will bring the jack back to life with a box in each system. Watch out for grievous wounds though as this will stop the removing of damage.
Synergy: Is a upkeep on Sytherion that will give a +1 to attack/damage for each other jack that hit an enemy up to max of 3. No more +10 for synergy like last edition.

What should you plan for in a Syntherion list?

Syntherion and a Corollary can fuel a big battlegroup quite easily with thanks to the CoC special rules.



Two things to think about for Syntherion

Hot Shot is a relatively cheap spell at 2. Consider 2 Assimilators for Syntherion. Upkeep Hot Shot on the first assimilator , have it go up and take a ground pounder shot and use 3 focus. Syntherion activates and cycles Hot Shot off the activated Assimilator onto the 2nd one that hasn’t activated. Now you have another fully boosted Ground Pounder to go.

Magnetic Hold is a great debuff but the +2 speed can also get your heavies into nasty spots. The Diffuser light jack also has a speed buff “beacon” on it’s gun. Combine the 2 and all of a sudden you have a very fast moving Convergence jack!!!


An Inverter charging a Magnetic Hold and Diffuser Beaconed model has a threat of 13″. Not bad for a Spd4 model.

~What do you think of the reforged Syntherion BoLS? Will you be fielding him anytime soon? Please share in the comments below.

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