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Goatboy’s 40k: Post-Holiday Hopes

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Jul 5 2016



Goatboy has been peering into the 40K future. This is what he sees.

Goatboy here again and as this “article” falls right after holiday I’m changing it up.  So instead of some kind of analysis one bit of fattie competitive nonsense I instead want to look at the future and what I hope/plan on doing.


Good guys left – Goatboy right…

The biggest thing for the rest of my year is to finally get a 30k army built and playable.  I have been skating around the edges of the 30k phenomenon and while I enjoy the limiting factor of the game I still haven’t dip my hooves in beyond a few bits and pieces.  My initial army plan is to do a Word Bearers army as they are probably my favorite “legion”.  I enjoyed their books, thought their fluff and designs were cool, and the idea that they are full of chaos at the end makes me excited to paint them.  Plus the army is red – and we all know I love to paint red armies.  I am still working out the army build in my head as there should be a new updated “book” that could see some changes in the overall build.  The only thing I have painted so far are some FW Possessed due always wanting to paint those models as soon as FW released them.  The next biggest issue keeping me back is the amount of client work that I have to complete before I get a chance to slather paint on some Betrayal of Caylth models. If you play 30k and throw down with Word Bearers give me some tips in the comments.


Wulfen 2: Electric Boogaloo coming to a theatre near you – eventually…


After that I hope we have some new “chaotic” things coming out with the rumored Curse of the Wulfen: PT 2 – Revenge of the Fleabags!  Anything Chaos Marine related always has me excited and I am hoping we see some decent rules.  Right now my goto “evil army is my Murder Horde O’ Knights build and it would be nice to have some other stuff to throw down with.  It would be cool to see actual Chaos Space Marines hitting the table tops as right now the only good “CSM” list is the Cabal and Friends list we see out on the West Coast more often.  The newest AOS stuff has me thinking the rumored Daemon Primarchs are going to be nutty looking.  I don’t know how their rules will be – but the Primarchs – while good in 30k – are not as back breaking as you would expect them to be.


 Grimdark FAQs – week in week out…

Next up – the finish of the 40k FAQ/Errata/Etc will be a nice thing to look forward too.  Will see how much they effect the table tops as a few rules seem wrong but might be the way they want their game to play right now.  The grenade thing is a big one as it invalidates a lot of units “extra” rules but would go into helping keep your Walkers alive.  I am not sure how much of a bad thing it is to let a Knight be more of a pain in the butt as well as some of those GC’s we see stomping around the table top.  I completed a commission that had 7 Vanguards with strapped on Meltabombs and I know many a Command squad rolls with 4 of them as well as 4 Storm Shields.  I wish GW went a little farther in curbing some of the “Battle Brother” abuses we have out there.  It really seemed to do a number to the actual Marine combos instead of the actual “Death Star” creators.  Still I just like to have more concrete rules as well as a company that somehow pays attention to the consumer.  Will see if GW keeps this track up and we have a much healthier game towards the end of the year.


Please be a new edition – pretty please!

Speaking about the rules – I bet we see a “fixed” edition at some point.  It might not be major changes but I suspect a better set of “game types” coming in the future.  It would seem they might not abandon the competitive scene so I suspect that will be a more “balanced” idea for building 40k armies with that one.  I don’t know if it means having staying within one faction will get better bonus’s or some other kind of “penalty” for mixing armies – but I suspect some kind of way to balance something will see.  Time will tell if this fix coming to AOS will be a good thing. I could see 40k going towards the Magic route with a Casual Experience intermixed with a Competitive stance.



How about something in blood red?

I am not going to lie – the new Gorechosen game has me interested.  I like the idea of a bunch of blood crazed Aholes throwing down in a bit for further favor.  I just hope the game works out well as while I think it might be a bit too expensive, the idea of it is appealing.  I generally like how these new mini board games are coming out and working as its away to showcase their models, drop the cost down on some, and maybe generate some interest in their other games.  I still think they are costing themselves out of a ton of players but I don’t sit on their board so I can’t make it known – hey this costs to much for a kiddo pulling an allowance/bday/xmas money.

With that lets bring this chatter to an end as I am sure all of you will be having a great 4th of July.  If you don’t get to have a fun one, then at least lets have your day be a decent one.  I will be elbow deep in building some FW stuff for a client, maybe magnetizing a Knight for another one, and finally throwing some paint on some guys in between some games of Overwatch and Keep Child from Hurting himself Watch.

~What are you hoping to see before the end of the year?

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