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40K: Death Masque Eldar Datasheets Spotted

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Aug 9 2016


The new Harlequin Datasheets have been making the rounds – come see what new tricks the Eldar are getting with Death Masque!

via Draco (The Dark City Forum)

Forces of the Eldar DM 1

Eldrad DM 1

Death's Companions DM 2

Death's Companions DM 1

Company of the 3 stranger DM 1

Company of the 3 stranger DM 2


Inraim's Spectre DM 1

Inraim's Spectre DM 2

Blades of Fate DM 1

Formation: Coherian Host

The Host DM1

Eldar Profiles via Scanner

Eldar Profiles 1


Eldrad is coming back strong with access to Daemonology (Sanctic), Divination, Runes of Fate and Telepathy. Plus he’s got some other dirty tricks to get back warp charges, grant scout and he’s not too shabby in a close-combat pinch – just don’t expect him to kill everything, but he might get lucky!

The Named Death Jester Imriam’s Specter seems like a solid choice to take as well. Forcing Morale checksĀ  at -2 just because you suffered a casualty from him could cause problems for folks. And he’s got a list of special rules as long as the model is tall!

The two Harlequin units swap out the Eldar Battlefocus for being able to run and assault or shoot depending on which one you take. That’s pretty good for a unit that thrives in close combat like the Harlequins.

And let’s not discount the formation. A 6+ FNP that’s actually better than FNP plus Eldrad get’s Eternal Warrior isn’t a bad way to roll!


What’s you’re take on the Eldar & Harlequins of the Death Masque set?

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