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40K: The Unbeatable List – WGC2016

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Aug 31 2016


This list went all the way and destroyed all comers at WarGamesCon 2016. Take a look at how it ticks.


The Winning List (Geoff Robinson)


+5 Vanguard – 55 pts
-Omnispex (Alpha)
-Plasma Caliver x2
-Conversion Field (Alpha)
-Digital Weapons (Alpha)
-Phase Taser  (Alpha)

+5 Rangers – 65 pts
-Transuranic aquebus x2
-Omnispex (Alpha)
-Conversion Field (Alpha)
-Digital Weapons (Alpha)
-Arkhan’s Divinator (Alpha)

+5 Ruststalkers – 160 pts
-Conversion Field (Princeps)
-Digital Weapons (Princeps)
-prehensile Data spike (Princeps)
-The Omniscient Mask (Princeps)

+5 Infiltratrors – 185 pts
-Infoslave skull (Princeps)
-Conversion Field (Princeps)
-Digital Weapons (Princeps)
-Phosphoenix (Princeps)

+1 Ballistarii – 55 pts
-Twin linked Cognis Lascannon

+1 Dunecrawler – 90 pts
-Icarus Array
-Cognis Manipulator
-Mindscanner Probe
-Cognis Heavy stubber

Cult Mechanicus (435)
+1 Tech-Priest Dominus – 105 pts
-Eradication Ray
-Phosphur Serpenta
-Stasis Field
-Digital Weapons
-Infoslave skull
-The Scryerskull Perspicatus


+3 Kataphron Destroyers – 165 pts
-Cognis Flamers x3
-grav-cannon x3

+3 Kataphron Destroyers – 165 pts
-Cognis Flamers x3
-grav-cannon x3

Imperial Knight (425)
+1 Knight Crusader – 425 pts
-Storm Spear rocket Pod
-Carapace Melta gun

Librarian-tiggy-walpaper-sat copy

Librarian Conclave (Ultra Marines)(380)
+1 Tigerius 165
+1 Ultra Marine Librarian – 95pts
-Melta Bomb
-Level 2

+1 Ultra Marine Librarian – 120 pts
-Terminator Armor
-Level 2




Inquisition (149)
+Coteaz 100
+Xenos Inquisitor 49
-Pskotroke grenades 15
-3 Servo skulls 9

TOTAL: 1999

Why it Works

Analysis via Goatboy

It works because it has a plethora of great rules – like getting shrouding on units twice, being able to punch units in assault with massed lightning, or just having a ton of free upgrades.  You mix this in with a summoning suite utilizing the 2nd best summoning block in the game (You could argue the Psykana Division is better due to limited issues with perils and the ability to just throw it all to summoning a Greater Daemon) and you have the recipe for an awesome list.  Geoff has been playing this list for a long time now and knows all the ins and outs as it is not an easy list to play with.  This is why you don’t see it a ton as knowing when to utilize the extra abilities is very important to generating the winning strategy.  Geoff swapped from the common battle brother drop pod version due to the upcoming  FAQ changes and I think his list just got better.  The Summoning helps it play aggressive with Maelstrom missions as it can easily sacrifice units and still keep the core strong and viable.

Geoff also had an inquisitor add on that protected him from seizes, aggressive deep strikes, and assaulting his main HQ/Core with the Grenade Heavy Inquisitor and mixed with the oldie but goodie Coteaz. We also know how good a Knight can be – especially from one that has some protection in the added on Warcon rules full of free upgrades and other fun bits and pieces.  This list looks like a crazy combo and when it works it crushes you in advantages and murderous intent.



~How does this rank compared to your local meta?


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