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Hogwarts Battle: Defend Yourself Against the Dark Arts

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Aug 13 2016
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Harry Potter™: HOGWARTS™ Battle Deck-Building Game - Villains and Dark Arts

Hogwarts is under attack – it’s up to you to defend it in this deck building game.

Can you stop the forces of Evil from overtaking Hogwarts Castle? Take on the role of a Hogwarts student; Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville to defeat the villains and ensure the safety of the school with this Hogwarts Battle Deck Building Game. 

Last time we learned how to build your deck and improve your skills as a new wizard. This time we prepare to defend against the Villains threatening Hogwarts! Take a closer look at the villains in league with You-Know-Who and the dark arts they employ…

Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts!

via USAopoly:

Starting with Game 1, each game adventure will introduce a set of new Villains that you must defeat in order to win. In the first game, there will only be three Villains that you must defeat, and you only have to face one at a time. As you progress through each game, the number of Villains you must defeat will increase, as the Death Eaters grow in numbers and new ones appear. No one ever said this was going to be easy! Let’s take a look at an example of the sorts of Villains you will be facing in your efforts to defend HOGWARTS.

Each Villain has a Name, Ability, Health, and Reward. Here we have Crabbe & Goyle, sons of two of the most notorious Death Eaters known to the wizarding world. They have an Ability that will trigger each time a particular effect occurs, usually generated by a Dark Arts event.  Their Health of 5 in the lower-right corner is the number of Attack tokens that must be assigned to them in order to defeat them. Remember, some of your HOGWARTS cards like Incendio! allow you to gain Attack,and this is where it comes in handy! As you may have guessed, the Reward is what you gain when you assign enough Attack to defeat them.Each game will also include a set of new Dark Arts events, adding even more dangerous effects to the stack of Dark Arts cards with each subsequent game. Dark Arts events have a variety of detrimental effects, including things like forcing the Heroes to lose Health or discard cards. Each turn you will reveal one or more Dark Arts events as the Villains launch attacks against the Heroes.


After resolving Dark Arts events, you will check to see if any of the Villain abilities trigger. Some will occur each turn, and others only if specific events take place. For example, in the case of Crabbe & Goyle, if the Dark Arts event revealed had been Flipendo! you would have lost 1 [HEALTH], discarded a card, then lost another 1 Health to Crabbe & Goyle’s ability! Those two are clearly up to no good, and need to be dealt with!


Hogwart’s Battle is available for pre-order now – and will hit store shelves next month.

Did you catch a game at the USAopoly booth at GenCon? What do think of it?


Author: Mars Garrett
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