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Prodos: New Cheyenne Dropship is Huge

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Aug 30 2016

prodos dropship

This highly detailed, limited edition flyer is 16″ long and weighs in at 3 pounds.

The Colonial Marine ship was first seen in Aliens in 1986 – and has since shown up in a number of AvP video games. It inspired the look of ships in both Halo and StarCraft. Now you can add an icon to your collection.


via Prodos:

One of the most famous vehicles from “Alien” universe is Cheyenne Dropship from “Aliens” movie. Huge and bulky, yet versatile and agile – Dropship is prime example why USCM Marines are force to reckon with. Armed with heavy weaponry capable of removing any kind of a threat on the ground is a must have for every Marines squad when dealing with all kind of threats – including extraterrestrial ones.

UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship is biggest miniature Prodos Games ever created. Created under a 20th Century license it’s a faithful, scaled copy of classic VTOL from “Aliens” movie directed by James Cameron. Miniature was 3d sculpted and printed by us and it’s being cast in resin.


It’s over 40 cm long (16″) and scaled accordingly to AVP The Hunt Begins’ scale – which makes it ultimate addition to any collection of AVP boardgame minis. And it also looks just awesome on its own.



The miniature has 2 variants of assembling also – one is with weapon pods deployed and second one without them. Pods are movable, switching between variant is easy and doesn’t require gluing.



Weight of assembled model is 1.3 KG which is almost 3 pounds. To ensure protection during transport, we are using wooden case for a packaging. Each Dropship has its unique number as well. Entire production run is limited to 1000.


This Miniature is Limited – Order Yours Now


Author: Mars Garrett
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