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40K: Thousand Sons Relics, Magic & Warlord Traits

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Nov 30 2016
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BoLS is wrapping up our Wrath of Magnus coverage today. We look at some Relics, Warlord Traits and Magnus’ 18″ D!

The fat lady is singing.  After a decade in the dark the Thousand Sons are back with an amazing book.  They are an army that will utterly dominate the psychic phase and will bring a unique set of abilities to thier players and challenger to their foes.

What we will say is the GW Design Studio has done a great job of updating the boring and underpowered single Thousand Sons unit from the CSM codex, expanding upon it and keeping it’s original flavor intact.  Look for an army full of icy automotons marching forward in lockstep, under the control of myraid levels of Sorcerous leaders.  From the lowly Aspiring Sorcerers leading each squad or Rubrics all the way up to Magnus the Red himself, you will find a perfect set of psykers to produce as much power as you desire. These will of course be backed up by a set of formations, relics and new psychic Discipline of Tzeentch to kick things up a notch.

We’ve had a great time bringing you a peek at this weekend’s upcoming book, but we couldn’t let you go without a teensy peek at the psychic powers, relics and warlord traits from the campaign book. Remember that these glimpses are only from the Thousand Sons and you’ll need to pick up the book to seen all the rest AND the entire Tzeentch Chaos Daemon section – which may have an equal if not greater impact on the meta as the Thousand Sons list.

Without further ado…


Warlord Traits

Let’s be honest Warlord Traits are the cherry on top of a 40K sundae, and usually a flat affair.  While there are some dull ones on this chart, you do get some real pizazz with items such as Lord of Flux which Magnus comes with automatically.  Arrogance of Aeons, and Lord of Forbidden Lore reinforce both the fluff and the army’s already potent psychic ability.  Overall rating: not too shabby!





We aren’t going to show you all the relics, but they have a very wide range of effects and are well costed.  There is everything from daemonic weapons, to items to enhance movement, to our personal favorite – the Athenaean Scrolls.  For 20 points, we think this may be the auto-include for your bad-ass sorcerer. If you have a giant pool of warp charge each turn and are throwing some serious dice around at a time, why not add that extra chance to cancel Deny the Witch rolls from your opponent.  It’s one incredibly useful Relic that builds upon the core competency of the entire Thousand Sons army – utterly overwhelming their opponent in the Psychic Phase.


Discipline of Tzeentch

You’ve heard about it, didn’t believe it, and are a bit anxious about staring it in the face, but Magnus’ big 18″ D is real and it takes FIVE Warp Charge.  That would seem like an uphill climb, but luckily Magnus is Mastery Level 5 and harnesses warp charge on a 2+. Did I mention he draws line of sight to every unit on the table for psychic powers and is IMMUNE to perils of the warp.  It goes without saying that an 18″ D beam is going to cause some SERIOUS carnage out there on the tabletop!  Take him in the Grand Cabal detachment and he can cast 6 powers a turn, and knows 15 powers to choose from.


“Eldrad – what a poser…”


War Zone Fenris: Wrath of Magnus (Hardback) $75


The skies of Fenris are aflame, the awful truth revealed. The Thousand Sons, hidden architects of the Space Wolves’ darkest hour, have launched an arcane invasion across those realms sacred to the Sons of Russ. The Wulfen’s Curse has taken hold, the daemonic invasions that followed it a precursor to deadly Imperial bombardments that saw Chapter set against Chapter. The bringer of this system-spanning doom is Magnus the Red, an ancient demigod overthrown by the Fenrisians of yore. With the daemon primarch’s reappearance in realspace, a vendetta ten thousand years in the making has flared into world-shattering violence. The Crimson King is back to conquer Fenris, and the legions of the Warp march with him.

The Books

War Zone Fenris: Wrath of Magnus is the concluding part of the saga that began with War Zone Fenris: Curse of the Wulfen, in which the Thousand Sons return to Fenris to enact vengeance on the hated Space Wolves – led by their Daemon Primarch, Magnus the Red.

Book 1

This 136-page hardback book contains the thunderous, galaxy-shaking story of the Wrath of Magnus; set over 3 chapters, it features a huge selection of brand-new artwork supporting the story within. There’s also a uniform guide, with colours and icon guides for several Thousand Sons warbands:

– Thralls of Magnus
– The Sectai Prosperine
– The Tizcan Host
– The Prism of Fate
– The Blades of Magnus
– The Exiled and Estranged

Book 2


The 64-page book 2 of War Zone Fenris: Wrath of Magnus features a huge amount of new Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons:

New datasheets, special rules and wargear for:
– Ahriman
– Exalted Sorcerer
– Tzaangors
– Rubric Marines
– Scarab Occult Terminators
– Magnus the Red

6 Formations for Codex: Chaos Space Marines:
– War Cabal
– War Coven
– Tzaangor Warherd
– Sekhmet Conclave
– Ahriman’s Exiles
– Rehati War Sect

Plus new and updated psychic disciplines:
– an updated Discipline of Tzeentch
– Sinistrum Discipline
– Heretech Discipline
– Ectomancy Discipline
– Geomortis Discipline

Thousand Sons special rules:
– 6 Thousand Sons Warlord Traits
– Chaos Artefacts of the Thousand Sons
– Thousand Sons Grand Coven Detachment
– 6 Thousand Sons Tactical Objectives
– 3 Thousand Sons Altar of War missions

New datasheets, special rules and wargear for:
– Pink Horrors
– Blue Horrors
– Brimstone Horrors

4 Formations for Codex: Chaos Daemons:
– Lorestealer Host
– Brimstone Conflagration
– Omniscient Oracles
– Heralds Anarchic


Plus new and updated daemonic loci and icons of Chaos.

Daemons of Tzeentch special rules:
– Tzeentchian Warp Storm table
– Pandemoniad of Tzeentch Detachment
– 6 Daemons of Tzeentch Tactical Objectives
– 3 Daemons of Tzeentch Altar of War missions

~That’s it folks, have a great time counting down the days and pick up Wrath of Magnus this Saturday!

Author: Larry Vela
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