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Infinity: Where to Start?

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Nov 29 2016
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It’s daunting getting into a new system, especially without veteran to guide you. Here are some easy and cheap ways to jump into Infinity.

The easiest and most cost effective starting point is to go halves with a friend on a 2 player starter set. This really is everything you need in a box, it even has scenery! Currently there are 2 starter sets available, Operation Icestorm, pitting PanOceania against Nomads, and Operation Red Veil, with Haqqislam and Yu Jing squaring off.



The beauty of these boxes is they are designed to ease you into infinity with series of very basic missions and slowly introducing more advanced rules. This avoids you from becoming overwhelmed with rules if you just start trawling through the rulebook.

The only reason not to start with one of these boxes is if you don’t like the included factions, or you can’t talk a friend into taking the plunge with you (though you could always sell the faction you don’t want to play).


Corvus Belli has recently tidied up their rule set, updating everything to the latest edition, referred to as N3. This has made things much easier!

Because CB is a great company, the rule books are availed for free as PDF downloads on their website. This helps if you want to learn more about the rule set before investing in the game, or are happy using PDFs. But if you are a bit old school like me, you still like the feel of dead tree in your hand. If that’s the case you want to buy the N3 core rulebook, which is also the only way to get the fluff, if you care why your little men are trying to kill each other.




The second book you will need is Human Sphere N3. Without going into the history, this book contains many additional rules not covered in the core rule book. It’s not an expansion in the traditional sense (new factions or campaigns); it’s more of an extension of the core rules.



Don’t like the models in the starter sets? Then the next best option is the sectorial or faction starter packs. These boxes are only miniatures, so lack the tutorial campaign, scenery etc. The models included are not designed to be beginner friendly, so I highly recommend playing with standard line troops to start and slowly introduce more ‘rules dense’ models one at a time.


And that’s it! You and a friend can jump into Infinity for a minimal investment by splitting a 2 player starter, then using the free PDF rule books to advance. But as with all miniature games, once you start it can be very hard to stop!


How did you start in Infinity? 


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Author: Shaun Douglas
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