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40K Review: New Thousand Sons Worth It?

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Dec 2 2016
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Black Blow Fly here to tell you what I think of everything we’ve seen about the new Thousand Sons.

Hey everyone it’s your neighborhood Black Blow Fly passing through to spread some more mischief and the rot ! There’s been lots and lots of talk about the new Thousand Sons with the new releases.


I’m Sad

To be honest I’m disappointed… why…

1. Magnus overcosted
2. Rubric Marines overcosted and not multi-wound units
3. Rubric Terminators overcosted, not multi-wound and no access to power fists or chain fists
4. Daemons getting preferential treatment over CSM yet again

Now don’t get me wrong – I still have hope some of the traitor legions will be viable again with the new rules but to do so cult Marines sorely need a point reduction… it’s just that simple. Hopefully some will and there will be some new game mechanics that make the undivided legions viable as well. Hopefully we will not be hit with codex dinobots part 2.


But Why?

So let’s run through my four points above why I’m disappointed with the new rules for Thousand Sons.


1. Magnus is really really expensive. I feel that while Magnus is very powerful his high point cost really puts a damper on armies built up to de facto standard levels such as 1850 points and even higher since his inclusion will greatly reduce your choice of other units… again we come back to direct comparisons versus other greatly undercosted monstrous creatures for the ubiquitous xenos armies. That’s right I’m talking about Wraithknights, Supremacy Suits and the Stormsurge. While Magnus got the royal treatment in the rules department and is probably more powerful than any of the currently released Primarchs for the Horus Heresy the daemon Primarch has been costed more in line with what you’d expect for 30k rather than 40k which is simply too much. I think Magnus should have clocked between 400-500 points for 40k.



2. There was no real point cost reduction for Rubric Marines. They really need to be multi wound models in order to be effective versus all the very powerful shooting standard now to 40k. The new Rubric Marines need to get up close and personal in order to be effective with their template weapons. Their low AP bolters will still have major problems versus the over abundance of cover saves.


3. Rubric Terminators are in the same boat as Rubric Marines. The lack of AP 2 melee weapons simply make them ineffective versus any enemy unit with a 2+ armor save. Sure they are very pretty but that’s about it which just doesn’t cut it in a competitive gaming environment.



4. Daemons Win… Again. Horrors look to be the big winners… thanks Phil Kelly, your love for Tzneetch daemons is there for all to see. The CSM component is still basically the same as ever. Sorry but you missed the proverbial boat yet again.

So maybe Magnus, a Tzneetch daemon prince and Lord of Change with a whole host of boundless Horrors is the way to go but it easily could have been a different story if the Rubric Marines and Terminators had finally got the love they so deserve.

~Oh well here’s to waiting to see what drops next. How do you feel about the new rules?


Author: Steve Turner
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