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GW: Limited Forge World Miniature Inbound

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Dec 8 2016


Forge World is releasing another Limited Edition Miniature in Games Workshop Stores – check this out!

The Limited Edition miniatures that Forge World has been bringing to Games Workshop stores have been a hit and it looks like we’re getting another model this December.

via StruManChu


The model is believed to be a Primus Madicae for Heresy Era (30K) gaming. If you’re unfamiliar with the rules for those think of it like an Apothocary in Cataphractii Armor…sort of.

Previous limited edition models were released in June and in October.

Forge World Limited Edition June Release


Forge World Limited Edition October Release



It’s been a relatively quick turn around time since the previous Forge World Miniature with only a couple of months between releases. I’m curious if that is because of the response to these limited releases or if Games Workshop and Forge World are getting better at getting these limited edition runs done faster. I thinking it’s probably a combination of both of those factors.

Regardless, I’m glad to see more Forge World releases in Games Workshop stores. Maybe one day we’ll see an entire section of Forge World on sale in Games Workshop stores. Maybe start with Legion Specific Shoulder Pads. Just throwing that out there!


What do you think of this new Limited Edition Miniature from Forge World?

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