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Pilerud’s Awesome Blood Angel Cosplay

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Dec 13 2016

pilerud cosplay

This hand crafted suit of power armor is a must see  – For The Emperor and Sanguinius!

Henrik Pilerud, a cosplayer from Sweden, spent around 450 hours and over $3,000 to make this suit of power armor. It’s a little over 6′ tall and weighs about 57 pounds – gotta be in shape to cosplay an engineered super human. It was designed using Pepakura; and constructed out of sheet foam and aluminum rods for stabilization. There’s a bit of electronics added for the eyes in helmet.





Pilerud shared the process to get the costume on…

Getting dressed takes about 15 minutes, and requires a servitor and a short ladder. First I put on the waist+thighs piece like pants with a belt and shoulder straps inside. Then step up on a short ladder and steps inside the shins and feet. The servitor puts in the pins so the knees connect. The top chest goes over the head like a sweater. The arms are attached to the sholders, and are connected on the pins at the side of the chest. Gloves on, and the servitor puts the helmet on. I can’t reach the helmet myself.


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