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Warmachine Errata Hopes & the Next Months

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Dec 14 2016

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The Warma-Hordes errata is around the corner. What has been revealed so far and what we most want from Immoren-Santa?

What We Know?

We know a few things from the few insiders that were  about the errata. Skorne is getting some love, Cryx is going to be more survivable to ranged armies, and each faction may see a small adjustment to their best/worst models.

Wow is all I can say. In my years of playing Warhammer Fantasy I was always stuck with an armybook for years at a time untill an update came out. I can say I am excited about a living faction ruleset that PP is proposing. This model that I bought is kind of lackluster, no worries in 6 months time it might have cool new bonuses.


Skorne really came out of the gate stumbling. I am never a naysayer about any faction. But, they do have some options that are not ideal. You are pretty much locked into a Gladiator for every list. Most of the casters don’t have a real presence on the field beside one key spell. Comparing factions can be tricky and caster comparison is even tear inducing but, skorne really had some limitations that some of the other factions didn’t feel.


Does Cryx really need some love? Probably. Skarre1 went from buffing a whole army to buffing a few models, Banes lost stealth, and infantry across the board are less prominent in the heavy meta. Outside retribution sentinels there are few auto include infantry in any army let alone the infantry based cryx. Banes are to slow, Mechanithralls can’t hit anything if they get there, and cryx jacks die to shooting let alone heavy retaliations. It is hard to swallow 10 points for a slayer if you look over to your buddies jack stable and see a mad dog for 7.



Errata Wishlist by Faction:

Cygnar: Kara could lose something…maybe limit her battlegroup to lights. Kraye could use a buff, possibly a extra focus and point of ARM. Stormguard could use a discount or a point of ARM while Stormlances could use a DEF nerf.

Cryx: Would love to see stealth or a SPD buff on banes. If Tartarus could give +2 SPD again it would solve some issues. Maybe remove the upkeep from Lich2’s cloud to make him playable again.

Khador: I have seen rumored that Kovnik Joe would only give +2 instead of boosted attack rolls to winter guard which is a change I agree with. I could see Mad Dog going up a point or Karchev losing 10 jack points.

Menoth: Zealots could use some love as well as errants in general. Harbringer feat could maybe a fixed value instead of control area to bring her back to prominence such as 15″.

Mercenaries: Steelhead cavalry need to be brought back to MKII level of power. Constance Blaze could use the removal of morrowan on her spells so she could help other merc models.

Circle: Circle needs some major tuning. Tuna is a terrible play experience followed closely by Wurmwood. If you don’t have the tools to deal with these casters you are in for a sad time. The release notes for Kaya3 is synergy on her card which is insane in that faction…they new it was overpowered in MKII and is why Bradigus was nerfed to oblivion. Seeing sentry stones having a change like now combat action when a tree is put into play would be nice.

Legion: No combat action for the tentacle is put into play is the general consensus for the Hellmouth. I think more warlocks would see the table if safeguard animus or something similar would be on the protector for an animus. Removing Lylyth3s ability to trample and shoot could be something to consider.


Skorne: Can’t wait for the changes. I would love to see the armor buff back on the Krea animus.

Trolls: I think Trolls are pretty healthy. I could see a MadrakII limit on # of times he can chainsaw through the world but, I am not sure it is needed.

Minions: I like where Gatormen are. Pigs could probably use a small tweak or two.


Theme Forces:

As it is hard enough to balance models today, soon factions will have access to their theme books. This could provide whole new things to consider with January’s errata. Was this model not buffed because it will be free most of the time, Why did these guys get a point increase,etc??? The errata books will definitely bring some fresh life into the Warmachine/Hordes meta. I have played a few games with Kingmaker, while it does limit what I can take, I still think it is a powerful combination it can bring to the field.

As of right now the next 3 theme books are Trolls, Menoth, Circle. I am not looking forward to Circle getting any love but, I am interested in what Trolls and Menoth might be getting.

Revenant’s Final Thought:

~It is a great time to be thinking of army lists. Fresh stats and books will be coming out in these next few months.

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