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40K: Trazyn’s Gambit on Cadia

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Jan 1 2017


The ancient Necron collector looks to be up to something nefarious on Cadia – but what?

The White Dwarf is here and look what it lays out for the Necron’s part in January’s Fall of Cadia:

image via Dakka’s Clockwork Zion 12-29-2016


Putting that through the French to English translator gives us this:

“Thief or Savior? 
Of all the protagonists who are fighting on Cadia, Trazyn the Infinite is without a doubt the strangest. It is curiosity that drives him to Cadia, but he plays an important role in the first volume of the saga, Gathering Storm. Of course, some people are none too happy to see him, such as Belisarius Cawl. In spite of this, the Archmagos understands that the arrival of Trazyn in these dark hours is no mere coincidence. The Necron knows (or claims to know) the secrets of the pylons of Cadia. He also has another role to play, especially when he opens his tesseract crypts and releases his Imperial prisoners to fight the armies of Abaddon. But in this case, how will he make up for his rare collection?”

Two Thoughts

Remember two big things about this passage:

The Pylons of Cadia are longstanding anti-chaos artefacts that give the world it’s unique status within the Imperium:


A Cadian Pylon

Perhaps the most unusual and significant feature of Cadia are the mysterious Pylons, structures of unknown origin that predate the planet’s colonization by man. Five thousand, eight hundred and ten intact Pylons are spread out across the surface of Cadia, with a further two thousand either buried or in various states of disrepair. No two are identical in design, but each one rises to precisely half a kilometer in height and extends a quarter-kilometer into the ground. Each Pylon also features slim, winding tunnels machined into them, each one no wider than a man’s head and exactly two hundred and fifty meters long.

Efforts by the Adeptus Mechanicus to study the Pylons has failed miserably, as their impenetrable surfaces are totally impenetrable to scanning by auspex and efforts to map the tunnels via Servitors have resulted in missing probes. However, it is widely believed that they are the reason for the existence of the Cadian Gate in the first place. During the 13th Black Crusade, as the warp storm Baphomael expanded to engulf the edges of the Cadian System, the Pylons simultaneously began resonating at an almost imperceptible vibration, and microscopic fractures began appearing on their surface. It was discovered that they were resonating at an amplitude similar to that produced by a Gellar Field in their effort to fight back against the encroaching storm.


Trazyn’s collection included this unique specimen:

“a giant of a man clad in baroque power armor. his face contorted in a permanent scream”


It sounds like he wants to trade…

~What do you think he’s up to?

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