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40K: Ynnead – The Story So Far

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Jan 31 2017

Eldar Rune 1

Games Workshop has been teasing the arrival of Ynnead for weeks. Now, they have put together a recap of the story so far…

Last week we consolidated the Prophecy of the Hidden Path and now that we know The Gather Storm II: Fracture of Biel-Tan is bringing the Avatar of Ynnead with it that prophecy is starting to make more sense. Today, Games Workshop just tossed another log on that fire. Maybe Eldrad’s failure at Coheria wasn’t what we thought it was…

via Games Workshop (Warhammer 40,000 Facebook)

“We’ll learn more about the birth of this new god in the next instalment of the Gathering Storm, available to pre-order this weekend.”



Is Ynnead the last hope of the Eldar race or has something gone horribly wrong? The myth is that all the Eldar must die so that their souls can merge in the Infinity Circuits to birth Ynnead.  Once Ynnead is born, the new Eldar God will be able to defeat Slaanesh and the Eldar would restored/reborn into a “better” form.

The funny thing about Prophecy is that folks have a way of misinterpreting them. I’m still curious as to why the Avatar of Ynead shares so many visual similarities with Slaanesh. Is it because Slaanesh was birthed from the fall of the Eldar and therefore shares similarities with them or is something more sinister going on?



Purple/Pink, has Horns and “feeds” on Spirit Stones…Just sayin.

What do you think? Is the coming of Ynnead’s Avatar a sign that the Eldar are going to be saved or is something else happening?

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