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Gangs of Commorragh: Inside the Box

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Jan 22 2017



BoLS will be covering Gangs of Commorragh all week. Let’s start off with a peek inside the box.



We’ve already gotten a rundown of the pre-game set up and a sample turn from GW’s demo game this week.  Now let’s tear open the box and show you around GW’s latest boxed game.



Everyone’s seen the front of the box, so let’s flip that thing around and check out the back.  Note the “Complexity 1” rating, 12+ ages, and 1 hour playtime.  Fast paced and aimed at new players who can get hooked on 40K in time…



Here’s the big unboxed contents spread.  The majority of the box is filled with the 16 minis. The entire game is presented in the 32pp rulebook, two sheets of thick card tokens, 2 reference charts and a 1 page getting started guide.  You should be up and playing within 10 minutes after your models are assembled.


Speaking of that 32 page rulebook, here’s the table of contents.  The core rules themselves are under 10 pages. The simplified campaign structure does a good job of giving players room to grow and customize gangs. You get just enough special rules to keep games from getting repetitive while still putting your valuable dudes on the line. It’s very much a streamlined fast-paced version of Necromunda.


Here’s a closer look at the frontpage of the Getting Started  and Quick Reference sheets. You can see the use of the turning arc guide and the basics of moving models and making break turns.  The Quick Reference shoot has all the turn structure basics and charts for weapons, equipment and special maneuvers for both Hellions and Reavers.  The campaign and special mission rules are all in the main rulebook.



Gangs of Commorragh $60

Death among the spires

The skies of Commorragh are equally as perilous as its bone-paved streets. The air above the shrouded spires thrums and darkens with roving murder-packs of Hellions and Reavers, engaging each other in vicious territorial battles. Anti-grav skyboards and savagely fast jetbikes vy for supremacy – when a gang is broken, or completely destroyed, their opponents dance with sickening glee above the sanity-warping metropolis the Dark Eldar call their home.

Gangs of Commorragh is a tabletop game in which two players control murder-packs of Dark Eldar Reavers and Hellions against each other in bitter combat. It combines strategy, tactics and all-out violence to create a deep and tense gaming experience.

Inside the box, Gangs of Commorragh contains 6 Dark Eldar Reavers and 10 Dark Eldar Hellions, along with dice, a 24-page rulebook, 2 quick reference cards, counters and 6 easy to assemble pieces of card scenery, representing the towering spires of this dark city.

The rulebook contains rules for different types of gameplay, including basic skirmishes in the sky between smaller packs of Dark Eldar as well as massive pitched battles in which every miniature fights as part of 2 massive murder-packs.

As well as this, there is a detailed Campaign, in which murder-packs grow and advance, earning new members and upgrades with each victory. Use the included condition tables to add complexity and interesting events.


I would be SHOCKED if rules/ add-on packs for adding Scourge gangs aren’t far behind this one.


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