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PP: Skorne Desert Hyrda Unboxing

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Jan 19 2017

xerxis skorne

Skorne’s new Gargantuan is here and it’s ready to Wreck everything! Come take a look at the new Desert Hydra!

Skorne players, it’s been a long time coming. You’ve been suffering for a while but Privateer Press has a batch of updates for you and a new toy to play with: The Desert Hydra!

I’m not even sure how to approach this one – I’m not a Skorne Player but I feel like I might become one because of this kit. It’s fantastic! When I saw the Desert Hydra I knew I had to actually build it – I haven’t felt that way about a kit in a long time.

What I liked about this kit the most was the fact that it looks like a lot of things are going on, but it’s really not that complex to assemble. The guide is easy to follow and any experience model builder shouldn’t have any trouble putting it together. It’s entirely plastic as well, so that saves on weight and with some regular plastic glue you’ll get some awesome results.

In fact, I am actually assembling this model and documenting the build process. Once I finish it I’ll do a write-up on that experience as well. That’s right, I liked this kit so much I am actually building it!

Aside from that, this thing is a BEAST in game. I won’t get into all the details, but the key take away is that this thing gets 5 initial attacks! Those attacks can be bites or spray attacks – you get 1 per head! Just based on that I, again, kind of want to take it to the battlefield for a test drive.

Overall, if you can’t tell, I’m impressed with this model. It’s got some great details and I’m digging the pose. On top of that, Privateer Press did a great job of packaging it up in a way that makes assembly pretty straight forward. It should be an awesome centerpiece model and welcome addition for any Skorne players out there!


Skorne Desert Hyrdra $109.99


With five huge heads independently biting and spitting acid at its foes, the Desert Hydra is one of the most devastating warbeasts the Skorne Empire has ever captured and conditioned for war. Each head can release a focused spray of highly corrosive acid or snatch up opponents to be devoured by its gaping, hellish jaws. Flesh hooks protruding from beneath armored plates keep the beast maddened with pain, spurring it to further carnage even after suffering multiple decapitations.


A set of faces only a mother could love…

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