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HeroClix: Cable & Stryfe

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Feb 19 2017


Nathan Summers and his evil clone join the Deadpool & X-Force set…

Cyclops’ son was infected with a techno organic virus at birth that resulted in his body being replaced with live cybernetics. Treatment required the Clan Askani to transport him to the distant future. They raised him as the Chosen One to take down Apocalypse. His clone, Stryfe, was created to help cure him of the virus – instead he ended up his nemesis.

Let’s see what they can do on the tabletop…

014-Cable heroclix

Right off we see he has a wide mix of keywords with his team affiliations of the New MutantsSix PackX-Force, and X-men with ArmorFututre, and Soldier rounding out his options.  Looking at his combat symbols, we see that he has Improved Movement:  Ignore Hindering TerrainIndomitable letting him ignore pushing damage, and a trait titled X-Forcethat gives him the use of Stealth.  Cable’s dial starts off as a heavy ranged attacker and takes a dip towards the end into close combat utility after his ammo is spent.  He starts off with his signature maneuver, Bodyslide, on speed that lets him use Phasing/Teleport but when he moves 5 squares or less he can make a close or ranged attack for free.  With a range value of 7 that gives him a pretty fair reach.

058-Stryfe herclix

Stryfe costs 135 points and has the Mutant Liberation Front, Armor, and Future keywords.  Also note, he is a Unique piece with a silver ring around his base so you can only field one of him.  He starts off staying hidden in Stealth, which is the perfect place to manipulate the battlefield with is special attack power Mind Over Matter that lets him use Telekinesis with the bonus of using it as a free action if he was given a non-free action that turn.  That means you can move him and use Telekinesis, make an attack with him and use Telekinesis, use Telekinesis and then use Telekinesis again for free.  That’s a lot of telekinetic shenanigans so brush up on your line of fire and object token rules.  He also has a special damage power Dawn Of A New Age that gives him the use of Leadership and Outwit.

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Author: Mars Garrett
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