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Menoth: Feora the Conquering Flame

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Feb 28 2017


Check out Feora in her 3rd form, on a horse! You’ll be amazed how fast your unbelieving enemies catch fire!

Who Is She?

Feora3 is here and she brought a purebred horse of fire to ride. She is a frontline heavy caster which buffs her army up or herself to do loads of damage. If you want to light your foes on fire this is the girl for you.


What Does Feora 3 Do?

Feora has an ok stat line for wanting to be closer to the enemy. SPD8 can definitely get you where you want to go and she can move a bit further with Fire Step. DEF14 is nothing special on a caster and her being on a large base isn’t going to do her much favors. ARM18 is pretty respectable but, her spell list will make it hard to camp much. Very risk vs reward type of caster as she wants to be within 9″ of the enemies but, wants to not die ahahaha.
She has a respectable melee threat with base POW14 and a SP10 POW12.

Spell Breakdown:

  • Banishing Ward: This is a pretty nice to have as it can keep her safe from spells and annoying caster armies like Rahn in retribution. With Warding from the Choir you can have a whole front line of no spell targeting.
  • Fire Step: Fire Step is take from her 2nd incarnation and is even nastier since she is pretty fast at SPD8. FireStep can give you some weird angle charges that your opponent might have not been ready for. Also, can clear some infantry that might have tried to jam her out of an area.
  • Incite: This spell is pretty insane and Valy1 is no longer the soul owner. Vayl’s feat and fury stats give her a little more leeway with it then Feora3. It is a huge investment but can realy cause issues for the opponent. Heck a Redeemer might actually hit something if it can get both Aim and incite!
  • Molten Metal: 6 damage to a jack but probably have to boost to hit…meh
  • Redline: Feora3 can make jacks hit HARD! If you throw in some more buffs like Lady Aiyana’s kiss or a rust bomb a colossal is going to start sweating! Hand of Judgement with Choir, Incite, and RedLine is hitting at P+S:24. That is bad news!

Clash of Flames: The feat is nothing amazing. It basically is 4 free focus and some fire potential. It is in general going to be used for that assassination run. Remember Feora3 is a threat herself. Incite gets her up to MAT9 and POW16 which can do decent damage to casters. Throw in a Wrack and she has 7 attacks. Outside of DEF16+ she is going to hit pretty reliably and if that doesn’t get the job done the enemy is still going to have to live through a fire roll.

32126_Feora_The Conquering Flame_WEB_0

What Does a Feora3 List Look Like?

Feora3 wants to survive. There are a bunch of big guns that can threaten her so we need to keep her safe while she is running out front. The Templar and Honor Guard will be able to draw some of the more powerful shots away from her.
I included 2 Dervishes for throw away jacks. Give them Redline and a couple focus and see your opponent squirm. These guys will be SPD7 with sidestep and POW15-19 depending on choir and incite. Throw in some sprays and now you have some decent shooting. If the caster isn’t heavy camping a Feo3 could easily charge up with incite and have Hand of Judgement and all the cleansers spray them to death!


Protectorate Army – 75 / 75 points

(Feora 3) Feora, the Conquering Flame [+27]
– Hand of Judgment [18]
– Dervish [7]
– Dervish [7]
Flame Bringers (max) [17]
Flameguard Cleansers (max) [15]
-Flameguard Officer [4]
Visgoth Juviah Rhoven & Honor Guard [9]
Choir of Menoth (min) [4]
Wrack [1]
Initiate Tristan Durant [4]
– Templar [15]
Vassal Mechanik[1]

Revenant’s Final Thought:

I like Feora3 and think she is fun to play. You really have to weigh the options of putting your caster that far up with possibly little focus to protect her. However, if she does go up your army will be hitting incredibly hard. Fun decision to be made. Grade A!

~What do you think of Menoths next version of Feora3? Do you like the incite spell or thought Vayl1 should have been the only 1? Please share in the comments below.

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