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PP: Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest Revealed

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Feb 18 2017

Gyrmkin 1

Privateer Press has unleashed a new faction into the world of the Iron Kingdom – The Grymkin are coming!

Are you ready for the stuff of folklore and nightmares? Privateer Press sure hopes so because things are about to get CREEPY. In a new video from Privateer Press, a new faction for Hordes has been unveiled. Welcome the Grymkin:

Privateer Press reveals Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest, the new faction for HORDES! Grymkin arrive at Lock & Load GameFest 2017 July 14th – 16th.

Gyrmkin 2

Below are some teasers from the video. This new faction is fully fleshed out…

Skin and Moans

skin and moans 1

Cage Rager

cage rager 1



rattler 1

Hollow Men

Hollow men 1

Dread Rots

Dread rots 1

Piggy Backs

Piggy Backs 1

Witch Wood

witch wood 1


This new faction also has some new twisted rules to play by as well:


Defiers Arcana 1


There are 5 “Defiers” for this faction. In the video we get hints at what they can each do:

The Child

The Child 1

The Dreamer

The Dreamer 1

The Heretic

The Heretic

The Wanderer & King of Nothing

Wanderer King of Nothing 1

Apparently, the Old Witch Zevanna Agha had something to do with them being released…and she’s back with some help from a new and improved Scrapjack:

Old Witch Colossal 1


Scrapjack 1

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