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Feb 27 2017

It’s been a crazy weekend out there gamers. Catch up on some secrets before you start the week.

40K RUMORS: Cypher Revealed!

After decades of mystery and evasion, the Dark Angels most wanted has a name.


Privateer Press – February New Releases

Mercs & Trollbloods & Circles, oh my! Take a look at the newest hotness from Privateer Press!

GW: New Releases February 25th “Pricing & Links”

The Raptors are here and they are taking aim at your wallet!


AoS: Vanguard-Raptors Rules Rundown

The new Vanguard-Raptors can produce some devastating firepower – Time to make it rain (bolts of death).

FFG: New Releases “TIEs, Bounty Hunters & More!”

Fantasy Flight Games has a few new Star Wars tricks up there sleeves and Elder Sign has a new Expansion!


Infinity: New March Releases

New units for Tohaa, Nomadns, Pan-O and more!


40K: Paint Versus Participation

It is the event organizers who truly have the ability to set the quality of hobby on display? …where did all of the players go?

D&D: Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins

Come adventure with this week’s live-play through of Storm King’s Thunder – Episode 36


~Ok, you’re all caught up. What are you thinking of picking up?

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