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40K: The Unbeatable List: Adepticon 2017

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Mar 27 2017


Come take a look at the list that went all the way at Adeptocon 2017 40K championship.

image via Paul Murphy


Here’s the list from winner Nick Nanivati:


Here is Petey Pab’s army list summary:

Chaos Demons win Adepticon! 

Nick Nanavati triumphed over Magnus the Red, Eldar doing their best Flyrant impressions, and everyone’s favorite hybrid faction, TauDar to once again take the Adepticon 40k Championships trophy.
Nick ran a Double Screamerstar Chaos Demons list with a double dose of powerhouse named demon characters, Fateweaver and Be’lakor. He also brought along a full Heralds Anarchic formation with 5 Tzeentch heralds on discs complete with their own personal screamer bodyguards. Top that off with with an Inquisitor with servo skulls to keep away those pesky scouters, and Nick’s patented “Brownstones” as a cheap troop tax and you have a winning formula. Part of this complete breakfast.




Here is Paul Murphy’s army list summary:

  • Fateweaver and Belakor allow for some very reliable psychic powers.
  • Allying in the Inquisition keeps them from being alpha striked by scouting lists.
  • It’s a take on Screamer Star.
  • About 25 psychic dice makes it a potent force in the psychic phase.



~ What do you think of the current meta?




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