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40K: The Twisted Mirror of Chaos

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Mar 6 2017

Who’s got a gift from their dad, a big hand with an attached ranged weapon and a Magic Sword? Not Just Guilliman…

Many moons ago, BigRed was chatting with a friend and he was told to keep an eye on the Grey Knights characters and compare them to the Chaos characters. He then noticed a few things – the Grey Knights characters were a pretty good analog to the Chaos Marines.

via BigRed (9-10-2013)

Draigo – Abaddon (Luna Wolves geneseed)
Draigo and Abaddon are the ultimate hero/villain counterparts, and are well matched in rules.

Crowe – Lucious (Emperor’s Children geneseed)
Crowe is the incorruptable swordsman, Lucius the swordsman who corrupts all he touches.

Mordrak – Ahriman (Thousand Sons geneseed)
The ghost knights were described as the bound souls of the Thousand Sons who died loyal during the purge of Prospero, bound to return and defend their Legion’s loyalist descendants for eternity.

But that was then… With the return of Guilliman it’s hard not to see the similarities between the two “Generals” of this new conflict forming. Abaddon and Guilliman really do mirror each other in terms of Wargear.

The Sword of the Emperor is a big, magic sword. Drach’nyen is a big, magic sword. The Hand of Dominion has a mounted bolter, The Talon of Horus has a mounted bolter. And both Abaddon and Guilliman have relics from their “fathers” in their possession. Now, Abaddon currently does not have the same stature as Guilliman or the rules to back him up. He might be able to put in a few good licks vs the Primarch, but I think in a straight 1v1 fight Guilliman would clean house.

You’re saying I’d lose?! That’s Heresy! Wait a minute…


But this is now. What happens in the next pass? The Primarch isn’t even shipping from Games Workshop yet, we don’t even know what the future holds for Abaddon. Plus we’ve seen Mortarian and Fulgrim rear their daemonically enhanced heads. And we can’t discount Magnus, either. They all have their own schemes and plans in the works…

Now, I’ve been campaigning for a new Abaddon model for a long time now. We’ve seen Kharn get a redo, we’ve seen Ahriman get TWO redos, and Games Workshop just wrapped up the final chapter of the Gathering Storm. We know something big is coming from them this year with 8th edition getting ever close. We also know that this is NOT the 40k End Times.

I think there is another batch of Triumvirates on the way. Heck, we NEED them. If the rumored Chaos Triumvirate comes to fruition then that would be the PERFECT time to update Abaddon with rules to match Guilliman and a sweet new model to boot!

You know this would be awesome




Personally, I’m really pulling for a Guilliman vs Abaddon show down. It would be the second generation reliving their fathers battles. There is one catch – both of them are smart enough to not repeat the sins of their respective fathers. I’m looking forward to see what Games Workshop cooks up. I’m just hoping they don’t take a page from Warhammer Fantasy’s Storm of Chaos and it with Ghazhkull Mag Uruk Thraka proclaiming “Ghazghkull is da BEST!” hmm…actually if:

  • Guilliman is Valten – The Inspiring Hero
  • Abaddon is Archaon – The Dastardly Villain
  • Calgar is Karl Franz – The dethroned former leader who’s still around…
  • Voldus is Luthor Huss – The “Righteous Bald Dude” with a large hammer…

Then Ghazhkull IS Grimgor Ironhide! #OrksWin #MindBlown #GatheringStormOfChaos #HistoryRepeatsItself

Also Half-life 3 Confirmed.

Silliness aside, what characters do you think are twisted reflections of each other? Let us know in the comments below!

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