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GW & FFG Releases, White Dwarf, D&D Yawning Portal

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Mar 27 2017


Tons of new tabletop releases, a White Dwarf early peek, WFB’s new game, plus D&D’s new book is HERE!

FFG: New Releases and Sneak Peeks!

Fantasy Flight Games is at Adepticon and they are showing off the latest wave for Armada. Come see all the new stuff from FFG!

GW: New Releases March 25th “Pricing & Links”

More Citadel Tools out this weekend, plus a new Blood Bowl Troll & Orc Team is up for Pre-Order!

D&D: Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins

Come adventure with this week’s live-play through of Storm King’s Thunder – Episode 40

April White Dwarf Leaked

Seems like next month’s White Dwarf has made its way onto the internet…

D&D: Tales from the Yawning Portal Teaser

Coming this week to BoLS–an in-depth look at Tales from the Yawning Portal…

New Warhammer Fantasy Video Game announced!

Games-Workshop and Bigben Studios announce a new game based on classic Warhammer Fantasy…


40K: What if the Primarchs had never been found?

What would the galaxy look like if the Emperor had never found his greatest sons…

~OK, you’re all caught up. onto the new week!

  • 40K: What if the Primarchs had never been found?