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GW: Shadow War: Armageddon Factions Teased

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Mar 15 2017

The battle over the hive world is heating up as more of the factions are revealed – It’s going to be crowded!

Games Workshop dropped a bombshell yesterday at GAMA and now the teaser trailer is out for Shadow War: Armageddon:

via Warhammer-Community

We did say you wouldn’t have to wait long to find out more about this game.

Take a look at the new trailer for Shadow War: Armageddon

So, it’s a new, self-contained game set in the hive cities of Armageddon, with Orks against Space Marines and the option to add almost a dozen more factions? Sounds pretty cool to us.

Those veteran gamers out there will be keen to learn that much of the ruleset is based off of the classic Necromunda game, including some in-between game advancements and earning experience that can see your small recon-force grow to become an elite unit of honed killers.


The terrain kit is pretty impressive. But the bigger reveal was the unit list that Warhammer-Community dropped with the video:

You’ll be able to expand your game with extra models for the two squads in the box, or even add whole new races. The Kill Teams are all designed to be built around squads in an army you might already have, or can pick-up in a single boxed set. Here are a few of the units that you will be able to use, in case you wanted to get started building and painting now:

If you look at that list it’s pretty easy to see some of the factions and how they will break down:

  • Ad Mech
  • Chaos Marines / Cultists – may be two separate factions or allied
  • Dark Eldar / Eldar / Harlequins – may be one faction or three
  • Grey Knights
  • Necrons
  • Tau
  • Tyranids / Genestealer Cult – may be two separate factions or allies
  • Space Marine Faction* – Scouts / Scouts with Snipers
  • Cadian – Astra Militarum Faction
  • Orks

Depending on how you slice that pie up there could easily be 12 factions. And that’s not even counting the old Necromunda Gangs that will hypothetically use with Shadow War: Armageddon!

*Note: There was no mention of Tactical Squads in the release. But there is mention of Chaos Space Marines and Grey Knights so that leads us to wonder if it’s just going to be just Scouts or not. But based on the fact that it’s a “Kill Team” Style game I wouldn’t be surprised if standard Marines or even Deathwatch showed up.



Shadow War: Armageddon is coming in April. Are you ready for the war within the Hive?

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