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Primecast: The Struggle of the Wills

Mar 29 2017

The gang talks about Strangelight Workshop, Grymkin, and what’s going on with CID.

It’s time for another Privateer Primecast! Join hosts Will Hungerford and Will Shick as they talk about what’s new with Privateer Press.

Will (Shick) and Will (Hungerford) dive in with information on the new releases for March. Writing Manager Matt Goetz and Senior Writer Douglas Seacat talk with Shick about what the Strangelight Workshop is and how it operates, and the Struggle of Wills (Hungerford, Oz, and Pagani) returns with more information on the units of the Grymkin and thoughts on their development. Then Convention Manager JR Godwin drops in to follow up on SmogCon and what shows are coming up next. Finally, we head out with a quick tease of what’s coming in Episode 43.

  • The SQUATS Are Back – Just Kidding… FTN