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Statuesque: Female Heads – New Scale

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Mar 9 2017

At a great introductory price – these sell out fast, grab yours today!

Statuesque Miniatures has released a new side of their very popular Statuesque Female Heads.

Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW is the first release from a new range of narrower Heroic Scale heads.

Whereas the SMA301-306 Heroic Scale range is great for converting heavily armoured space knights or troopers in fatiques and body armour, the Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW set is designed specifically for converting heroic scale female figures, or more slight heroic scale figures in general.

I’ll be adding more comparison photos and test conversions over the next few days, so keep an eye on the Statuesque Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as my Khorosho Productions blog.


SMA301 Heroic Scale Female Heads (left) and SMA351 Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW (right).

Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW 

Available as a New Release Special Offer for only £4.25, saving over 10%.

Hurry this offer only runs until Sunday the 19th of March, or while stocks last.


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