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40K-AoS: We Need Another “Cross Over” Army

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Apr 19 2017

Why do Chaos Daemons get to have all the fun? How about another army that we can use in BOTH AoS & 40K?

For the longest time Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy were rumored to be based in the same galaxy or setting. The early Realm of Chaos books like Lost and the Damned and Slaves to Darkness did little to hide this – especially when you had things like Plasma weapons as “mutations” and the Origin of the Emperor in the books…

Fast forward to now. It still seems like both game settings still have a common thread and that thread is the Warp/Chaos. And the beings that live in the Warp (Chaos Daemons) have been the one army that has been allowed to cross over from both systems…for now! I think it’s time Games Workshop added another army with some cross over appeal. Hey, we’re all on round bases now, right?! So here’s our list of 5 armies we’d like to see with rules for BOTH systems.


These guys are a stones throw away from 40k as it is – lets look at their lore:

  • Slann are basically powerful Psykers
  • They can travel in Space
  • They are servants of the Old Ones

Not good enough? Okay, well how about we take a look at their rules really quick. The Saurus Guard for example:

Check their full rules HERE.

Notice anything odd? No? Look at those Keywords closely.


Yeah – They are Daemons now. ORDER Daemons. #JustSayin

Kharadron Overlords

I know a lot of folks were already thinking about these models as… you guessed it: Squats! To be fair, I can’t really blame them. Why? Well, aside from the fact that they are all in high-tech armor, have based their society on science, and can travel among the mortal realms – look at some of the early sketches from the rumored Demiurg Race:

I, for one, welcome the Kharadron Overlords as a viable army for both 40k and AoS!



The Skaven are 1/2 way there already! How? Well, the Horned Rat dethroned/usurped power away from Slaanesh. So at what point does the Horned Rat become the 4th (or 5th if you’re still counting Slaanesh) Chaos God? On top of that – Plague Monks:

These guys are basically chaos cultists for Nurgle already. “But those models are old!” Yes, which is why this would be a perfect time to update them. Maybe to look more thematically appropriate:

You can’t tell me the Stormfiends wouldn’t be at home on a 40k table with round bases. LOOK AT THEM!

Plus, we already know that the Skaven have “Rocket Tech” and have probably communicated with the Eldar already. Google “Farsqueaker” – it’s canon. (Thanquol, The End Times Volume IV)


Who rides Cold Ones, uses Eldar Tech, and has already made appearances in 40k? Exodites! This army would be awesome as a cross over force. I’d finally get to have the Dino-Riders Army I’ve always wanted…

Look at this awesome Fan Conversion! C’mon!!!

Lore-wise, I’ll admit this one probably doesn’t make a TON of sense. No, I’m going based on pure aesthetics. Also, because the Exodites are just “high-tech” enough they could thematically work in either setting, which is why they would make a great cross over army. Calvary on Cold Ones. Ancient Eldar close-combat and missile weapons. Eldar riding flying Lizards…It could work! Keep in mind we are all still hoping for a re-launch of the Elves from AoS and no one is really sure the thematic direction GW will go with that one.



This one, I think, works a little too well. It works so well, a fan-made codex popped up in support of the idea!

But really think about it:

  • A Threat from Beyond
  • Insatiable Hunger
  • Hivemind culture

If you’ve ever wanted to mix in a little Cthulhu with your Warhammer then the Tyranids are the way to go. On top of that, a lot of the art work wants to show them getting into melee and clawing/smashing/slashing their way to that tasty-tasty biomass. The Mortal Realms seems like a wonderful fit – it’s got lots of Biomass to devour and folks tend to favor getting up close and personal to do their fighting.

Bonus: Necrons as Tomb Kings

It was a real shame to see this model go. I really do think that Games Workshop could find a way to merge the Necrons and Tomb Kings into an army that could cross over from 40k to AoS. The Necron Warriors are a little dated so why not update the kit with some Melee Weapon options?

Why couldn’t there be some Tomb World in the Mortal Realms floating around lifelessly? Any number of things could trigger it and it would hum to life with activity. Maybe during the Necrontyr vs Old Ones war a fleet got lost, cut off from the rest of the Necrontyr it just went dormant. GW has an entire room of writers that can make it work. So C’mon GW – Make it happen!



What army do you think would be a good candidate as a new “Cross Over” army? Let us know in the comments below!

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