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Legion: Kallus Devastation of Everblight Burninates!

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Apr 11 2017



A new beefy guy for Legion is in town. Kallus has mutated into a new hulking monster. Come check out Kallus 2.

Who is Kallus2?

This is Kallus new form. This is the second version of Kallus and he is very different then the previous. More of an infantry support caster is his earlier form, Kallus2 is now more of a beast caster. He also has gained an obsession with fire that would rival Horgle’s. He has Fury6 and 28 warbeast points for a decent sized battlegroup. If you want a tanky big guy as your caster and Thagrosh isn’t enough check Kallus Devastation of Everblight out.


What Does Kallus2 Do?

Kallus is SPD7 large based model that is DEF13 and ARM18. That is already pretty impressive but, throw in 20 boxes of life and we are talking TANK! Kallus is armed with a RNG2 POW15 sword and his Mount is POW14.

Special Rules:

  • Field Marshal: Melee weapons of his battlegroup warbeast cause continuous fire. I don’t think this is that great but, his feat synergies with fire so you can use lesser warbeast to set up for the big ones.
  • Hyper Regeneration: Heal d3 is nice for a guy that is already so tanky.
  • Re-position 3: Useful for hit and runs.
  • Flame Burst: Fire!!!
  • Mount Critical Knockdown: You might consider not charging if you need to knockdown a high defense target.

Battle Lust: Expensive pseudo weapon masters for warrior models. This makes any warrior model deadly in legion.
Blazing Path: This spell is pretty brutal if you are running infantry and can’t kill the last couple targets in range. More FIRE!
Brand of Fire: RNG 10 POW14 nuke that sets stuff on fire!
Overrun: Mortenebra and Sthrakov must be jelly. Overrun on a hordes beast is a scary thing. Since, most warbeast have more attacks then a Cryx or Khador jack this is a pretty powerful spell.

Kallus can make models on fire take a POW12. +3 to charge distance and free charges against models on fire. The threat ranges on Kallus battlegroup is scary far!

What Would a Decent Kallus2 list Look Like?

Kallus can run warbeast well and battlelust makes infantry just as scary.
This list has a combination of fast moving infantry and tricky beasts to make use of the feat. Proteus also has some of the longest base threats in legion and that is only extended farther with overrun, the feat, and slipstream.

Kallus, Devastation of Everblight +28

Carnivean 19
Seraph 14
Proteus 19
Zuriel 18
Grotesque Assassin 4
Grotesque Assassin 4
Blighted Nyss Shepherd 1
10 Grotesque Raiders 12
10 Grotesque Raiders 12

Revenant’s Final Thought:

Kallus is a speed machine. He is a little single-minded, but he does that pretty well. He doesn’t have any defensive buffs so you are purely relying on Legion’s base stats to make it across the field.


I give him a B- grade.

He can get to nasty spots with overrun!

What do you think of Legions new caster BoLS? Please share in the comments below.

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