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40K Armies We Want in 8th Edition

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May 12 2017

A New Edition means GW can open up the door on new armies we forgot we wanted. Here’s our list.

This is going to be a mash-up list, part new armies we’ve only dreamed about for decades, and some new sub-faction rules for existing armies.  Let’s get started:

Adeptus Arbites

We’ve already seen Genestealer Cults arrive – so now we need some cops to hunt them down.


Come on – admit it – you’d play slimy time-altering Space Skaven. I would.

Ork Clans

It’s been WAY too long since GW gave us specific rules and even sub-factions for the Ork Clans. I want Feral Orks on Squiggoths too.


More Eldar Craftworlds

We’ve seen all the big guys for decades but Yme-Loc with their emphasis on heavy vehicles and the mysterious and sinister Altansar really need rules and maybe even a couple of ICs.

Tempestus Scions Regiments

In 8th I’d like to see the Scions army book updated with actual rules and background for the famed regiments of elite of the Astra Militarum.

Imperial Knight Houses

In 8th I’d like to see the 8th Edition army book updated 3rd time with actual rules and background for the famed Knight Households – and their home grown infantry support.



Maybe as a standalone force, or maybe an additional unit for the Tyranids. Let the Zoats come back after 30 years. I could also see them as a biological extra-galactic slave race dedicated to the Tyranid’s destruction – that would be cool!

They Who Shall Not Be Named

You all know exactly who I’m talking about… – but minus the stupid parts.

~Did we miss any? Who do you want to see in 8th?

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