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Reivers: All Aboard the Grav-y Train

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Jul 12

Something seems to be missing from that Reiver datasheet that’s been making the rounds.

By now, you’ve no doubt seen the leaked images of the Reiver datasheets making their rounds on the web. But something’s missing–as some of you have pointed out, for being stealthy, assault types, they are lacking an awful lot of mobility.

No deep strike, no infiltrate, no nothing. And with only a 6″ move it might be hard to get them where they need to go–but then take a look at the artwork for them, and you’ll notice that something’s missing.

Okay, sure, absolutely, they are missing “Sick Dance Moves” from their ability sheet based on Righty there, who is clearly listening to the latest Summer Jams on his headset while rockin’ out. Everyone thinks it’s death metal or something, but look at how his head is tilted–he’s got way too much of a spring in his step for it to be anything but the latest dance jams. But as important to the game as this is, I’m talking about the center guy.

Notice something on that backpack there? Those little aerial fins? They’re the same fins that were present on this handsome fellow rockin’ the mostly shaved head and skull-mask here.


I mean, I suppose those Fins could just be places to hang scrollwork and other praises to the Emperor, but, it seems to me like those would probably be super helpful for slowing your descent if you were dropped from a high altitude. Or–plot twist–these are extra melee upgrades they get, to make them extra stabby when they finally get engaged. Either way, I suppose we’ll have to wait and see once the Codex comes out. But, I doubt that these Primaris Reivers will be lacking a way to get close-in with their enemies.

Just hopping aboard the grav-y train before it leaves the station.

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